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    but I did not understand who wrote the article you posted.
    You referred to him as a he; but I didn't get a name and would love to know if you have time to answer.
    Also thought under #3 where he says" the SS courts consider CFS the most disabling of the chronic deseases" to be quite a statement. Have never seen anything like this in print.
    (Of course in late stages, all diseases are very disabling.)
    This should be especially interesting to people currently going through the phase of being certified disabled and getting benefits. Thanks for the post!
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    I am not sure if you are talking to me or not? There are so many Vicky's on the board.
    I am not sure where I read about the tender points- I'm sorry brain fog is bad right now. But will try to find article and let you know.
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    Answered your question on your other post to me.

    I also found his comment about SSA considering it ot be one of the most disabling of chronic diseases. I have thought about contacting him to ask just exactly why he made that statement.

    I agree that it is one of the most disabling of chronic illnesses. And SSR 99-2p sets out how it can be found to be a "Medically Determinable Impairment". (That same ruling also addresses FMS.) But approval of CFS claims seem few and far between, and extremely hard to pursue.

    I am going through the SSDI process myself.

    The Doctor's name is on the article; the website is, I believe, a two-Doctor practice dealing with RSD, MS and CRPS. It is a Medical Site, and sells NO products.

    If you have trouble finding it, then perhaps I can get you the link........maybe Mikie will approve posting it.


    Vickie (missvickielynn) from Texas
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