Vicks Vapo rub.

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  1. ggks

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    I was reading, on line, some info called "Know the Cause" by Doug Kaufman and ran across this bit of information. It may or may not work. Anyway, here goes.

    Vick's Vaporub is quite effective at killing toenail fungus. There are at least 5 naturally occuring antifungals in the camphor in vicks. Dab some on & under the affected nail each day for several weeks.

    Anyone want to try this? I don't have any toenail fungus or I would.

    Maybe it will help someplace else on the body. ggks
  2. JLH

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    I have read this in our newspaper's doctor column many times.

    So ... I tried it. It did not work for me. In fact, it turned my toenails an ugly gray color. Yuck! So I gave up on it.

    However, many people would write in to this doctor and swear by it!


    P.S. Another little tip from this same column .... put a bar of soap under your sheet if you have leg cramps at night and they will stop. My mother does this and says it works every time! Except, there are 2 brands of bar soap that you are not supposed to use and I can't remember which ones they are!