Vicks VapoRub (pain use)

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    Vicks has been in existence for over 100 yrs and a rub I grew up, there are 1000's of topicals for joints and everything else... I bought a 6 oz jar of Vicks online a while ago and started using it, I mix it in with a topical concoction I make up...used it last night on all my areas I use for sleep. I slept pretty good thru to 7:30AM this morning.,....used it on my feet as well, I wear socks for sleep. Anyway, think about Vicks to help our aches and is a good link on it's use for so much:‎
    There are two scents that remind me being a sick kid: brandy and Vicks VapoRub . Whenever I had a cold, those were mom mom's go-to remedies. She would ...

    Reading a lot of Vicks reviews and enough have reported better sleep and even getting rid of fungal toe issues.....I had not been using this jar I bought a while ago and did last night and was so surprised that I slept thru good until 7:30AM, I've been waking at 5-6AM and in pain and that's when I started the 1/2 vicodin dose for my day.... I just bought 2 more jars online and if I continue to have good results, I can eliminate other topicals I buy.
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    I believe my chronic big toe fungus issue is clearing up in 2 days with Vicks nightly and daily....I have not done the drug route for this toe, used clorex dip as a friend's podiatrist recommended it for her issue...but lately I got lazy with the clorex dip...Vicks contains Thymol Oil from I shall surely continue with Vicks for pain and the toe issue.‎
    Apr 8, 2013 - Proponents of thymol advocate adding the oil to regular footbaths, or coating the affected toenail once or twice a day with Vicks VapoRub.
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    Interesting. I think I might try this. I have sleep issues related to pain as well as toe fungus issue. Toe fungus is not major, but it's deforming my toenails and has almost eliminated my pinkie toe nails. I've been using a liquid brush-on anti-fungal oil that has been slowly showing some results, but maybe there's something in your Vicks VapoRub treatment. Think I'll try one on one foot and one on the other and see what happens. Fair test I think. :)

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    Dar, I've had a large toe fungus for probably 10 yrs I'd say, and using the clorex dip and it was helping, but getting lazy doing it.....look forward to rubbing my feet with Vicks now, putting on my socks and letting Vicks go to work.....seems to be helping other joints too...I will continue to use it and just bought 2 6 oz jars that came today. There is a LOT of info online re: Vicks and these issues. Good to do the test, but you know to give it time.....jam
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    Reading this with renewed interest, I've slacked off the Vicks but will get back on it. I developed some fungus on my hip replacement thigh and using it for this fungus too...along with a bit of clorex diluted on the skin fungus....don't want to go the doc for a drug. There are so many home remedies to try.
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    Using Vicks again for the last 2 nights on my feet and other joint areas, I wear socks all the time, I swear I'm sleeping MUCH better.....when I wake up during the wee hours, the last couple nights I got right back to sleep and slept until 8:30AM this morning.....a good long dreamy sleep.

    Vicks is an anelgesic (pain) and antifungal and anitbacterial ingredients.
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    I had no idea Vicks could help kill pain. I don't have pain but my sister does - I'm going to pass this info on - thanks!

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    And I find when I continually use Vicks on my feet with socks, I sleep much better....I would think something about the nerves in our feet....there is info on vicks and babies and better sleep.

    Nothing like the good old long time remedies. With EVERYTHING new out there, the old ones are forgotten too much. I'm willing to pay the price for Vicks as it helps me, and the prices are much much higher than the old days. jam
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    I've also heard of putting Vicks on your feet with socks to cure a cold. I usually use it on my chest or nose when I'm severely congested and need some relief. It can also be used to massage into sore muscles or if you have an inflamed sore. It's a widely used product in my household, and it's a great product to have.
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    Hi, I use it nightly on my feet both are arthritic and Vicks helps and I seem to sleep much better with the Vicks on feet....must wear socks and I'm so used to them all year round now.

    Grape Seed Ex keeps me from colds/flus, etc.....
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