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    The main reason I've been neglecting this site for 7 months is because I made a boo-boo telling my psychiatrist that I've been coming to this site for support. Then she wrote it in my medical files, which I had wished she had not specifically quoted the site, as I prefer to remain annonymous on here. So, I have worried about permanent records of what I say on this site and what they'd want to gain access too, especially because of the way she is. She's very nosey, and she might misword things all the time, as she did in my medical files, as I got a copy and read all of the mistakes in the background history of me. Here I was complaining to her that my doctors keep getting stuff on their reports wrong. So much for that, huh?

    Anyway, I'm back and I'm glad to be back. However, I'll be more cautious about revealing anything in regards to my identity, that would make me not so annonymous. Those who remember things I've said in the past as far as my name or where I live, its okay to know it, but I do prefer that you not share it. But yes, I'm a Wisconsinite, but I sure hate the Packers!

    Anyway, what is everyone doing for Halloween? Got any pictures of last year's little ones all dressed up?

    Love & Hugs,
    Fight, Fighty, Fight4acure, Fight2Educate...

    F-I-G-H-T! Fight Fight Fight!
    Fight for our patient Rights, Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Fight to bring this illness to Light! Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Fight to ease our pains tonight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
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    anyway to correct her notes? Seriously? I always did that with my son's Lyme doctor. I always figured whomever was doing the transcribing was getting things confused with others and/or he was not always taking the best of notes.

    Wish I could send you a photo of my (grown-up) daughter dressed up like Carrie from the movie... covered in fake blood complete with tiara, and grinning.... hysterical, she won 1st prize at a friend's costume party. She did say she was rather damp all evening tho.

    OK Fight... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez stop with the Vicky?
    Wasn't the way I ever spelled it anyway LOL.

    pLeaSe PLeaSe pleASe PLEASE
    be my friend and cease!
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    I hope I'm on your list of others.Anyway just want to say your sense of humor is missed and hope you visit often.
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    My file was so large, the nurses took to leaving it on the desk while I waited
    for the doc. Usually he was quite prompt and I didn't think he was too far
    off on what he wrote. Well, the second time he took awhile, I started
    reading it. Could have fallen off my chair. Made corrections in ink!!!

    They quicky thinned down my file and no longer leave it in the room.

    Glad you are back and totally understand your situation!

    No pics from me....sorry.

  5. fight4acure

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    Hi! Sorry time and problems got away with me. I'm back for good I hope.

    I've got knee problems, I think its the knee cap moving around and hurting my knee galore. Made an appointment with a UW-Mad doctor. Hopefully he'll figure it out because one doctor, whom I went to get a second opinion from, looked at my FMS & CFS dx and decided that I have the pain syndrome that the other ortho dx me with.

    Well, I'd say more but I have company now.

    Take care, I'll write more later!

    Fight :)

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