Vicodin, Oxycontin

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  1. receani

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    Dear Family,
    i just want to know if anyone has been prescribed these meds. I was given Vicodin (Hydrocondone-Acetaminophen)for pain recently. It only gave me severe headaches. After 3 tablets I stopped taking it and told my doctor. Today she gave me oxycontin 20mg twice daily. I haven't taken it yet. Has anyone else taken this for pain? I have battled with chronic pain all of my life (since 7 yrs. old when i was in two auto accidents). I have had all kind of pain medications (including Darvons at age 7). I woulld like to know some of the experiences others may have had using these medications. I know they have to be used with caution, but does oxycontin time-relieve pain successfully? Thanks for the imput.
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    I have taken Oxycontin for 6-8 months and do not have any problems with it. It was the first pain medicine I felt did a good job for the pain yet I could function at the same time. However, I am on the Duragesic (Fentinal) Pain Patch now. I think it is wonderful, I do take Oxycontin for break through pain and it is not needed very often. I also take Percocet for break through pain in the evenings. The Oxycontin has always made me feel like doing something and the others made me feel drowsy. This is just what I have seen in these meds.

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    I've been taking it for 1 1/2 years. It works pretty good, but there is some pain left. I haven't had any problems at all except maybe it adds to my sleepiness a little. Don't be afraid of it. 20 mg is a little high to start out. I take 10 mg but I take it four times a day.
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    I'm on the same combo (Oxy and the patch)as Smoke, and I have to say its the best I've encountered for pain control!
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    How do you all find doctors that will prescribe these meds? I have Darvocet, and only take 2 to 4 a day and they act like they are doing me a favor and I better get some strength of character and get off them!
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    I started on oxy almost 2 months ago, first at 10mg 2x a day. I would suggest that at first. Last week upped the dose to 20 2x a day. It takes almost all of the pain away. the best med I ever used. I can work and function w/them, it does not make me sleepy, just the opposite, gives me more energy to get me thru the day, perhaps cuz it takes away all teh pain. I still have days where I have to take additional meds for breakthru pain, but usually only once or twice a month. I would recommend this med highly. Make sure you drink lots of water and use something for constipation, which is the only side effect of this med. And this side effect can be severe. I take citrucel, and stool softeners. Good luck, keep us posted, Iggy
    PS, as far as the last post, I am in Phx, and I am blessed w/a doc that will treat my pain, my rheummy referred me out, he would only give me darvocett also!
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    Thank you all for the information. It was very helpful. I am currently taking Colace also. I had to ask my doctor for it. My primary doctor does not seem to be up to speed on my condition. I was given a God send in a referral to a Fibromyalgia Clinic (I happened to see it while at another clinic). This doctor is empathetic as she too suffers from this condition. I will ask her about the Duragesic (Fentinal) Pain Patch. The less I have to injest meds the better. I try to take antioxidants and other nutrients to keep up my strength. I really took a physical blow with this last year and have not been able to go back to work since October 2002. So, I read and read and then bring the information back to my doctor. I read where Candida may also contribute to immume breakdown. However, my doctor said that unless there is an active case of yeast infection this cannot be treated. But I think there is a candida cleanse that can still be done. I'll find out and bring back the information. Again, thank you for all for the info.