vicodin to fentanyl/duragesic patch

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    If you have experience switching from vicodin to this patch I would love to hear what dose vicodin you were on when you switched. The information sheet for Duragesic doesn't make sense to me . . .the table states that 150 mg hydrocodone per day is the minimum you should be tolerating to make the switch. That seems so high, especially as a minimum. Vicodin 5/500 at 2 tablets four times a day would only equal 40 mg. hydrocodone per day. . .

    Thanks for your input. I have the opposite problem as most of you -- my doctor is prescription happy and I have to be sure she's not going overboard before I take her recommendations.
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    when my back finally got REALLY bad, as in emergency surgery. To not bore u w/ details, originally he had me on Norco (another name for vicodin), & he wanted me on less of the tylenol in it, & more narcotic, since the pain was so bad. So he started me on 10/325. I was allowed 2 at a time, up to a total of 8 per day. Which I took all 8 at that time, & that quit working. Then they put me on morphine also,for breakthrough pain. Before surgery, they put me on the duragesic, I believe 50 mg, & it was PLENTY. I didn't even need the norco w/ it. Once surgery was over, I went back to the norco, at about 5 per day. Several surgeries later, & now a collapsed disc from same surgery site, I still take morphine, 15mg, 3xdaily, up to 5 norco a day, & 3ultram a day, 50mg. I don't want to do the patch again. While it worked, it made me sweat bad, had stomach pain w/ it. Just didn't like how I felt on it .
    Steinen: I cannot believe the dose was so high for you! It's a wonder you didn't go into respiratory arrest. Very scary! I wish you allgood luck in getting your pain under control, w/out having to be doped up to do it. If it were me, I would only do the patch as a last resort. Only because I know w/ me, that when I go in for surgeries, etc, now, they have a VERY hard time getting my pain under control, & it's because I'm on so much now. If I end up w/ the patch again, what's next? Methadone? I don't think so! I have a friend that was on it, & I think still is, on top of ultram, morphine, & Loracet. She looks & sounds "high" to me all the time. It's very scary. I refuse to end up that way. Atleast while I know I'm on alot, when I feel like I don't need as much, I don't take it, & have no w/drawal symptoms. Nor do I feel like I "need" it, in a physical sense. So, I wish you the same. Heres a hug :) Hang in there!
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    Well, I sure do see alot of people on message boards and would like to commend everyone for the help that is here. I was on Fentanyl 25mg changed every 3rd day. Also on Vicodin5/500 2-3 times a day. Then the Patch just didn't work. I HATE morphine as the effects were bad............ I am now on OxycodoneER which is really Oxycontin. Just a generic name. I take 10mg every 12hrs and still Vicodin at night or when the pain is just too much to take. I am 69years old and if I get hooked,,,
    I guess that is what I have to do. Hopefully will not have to go up in dose for a while. O I was on Vicodin for 3 years and still the same dose.. HUGS to all
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    for Louise...just wondering if you saw this.

    Good luck.