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  1. kd_yall

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    Hey do any of you get big mood swings from this stuff? I have been trying it since darvocet banned, and it works on the pain but puts me in a pretty sour mood a lot......very unfortunate as it works great on the pain and fatigue, but really questioning if its worth it because get in a bad mood a lot from it and takes a lot of energy to try to be nice.

    Does anyone know if oxy or other opioid pain meds are easier on the moods than vicodin? what are other options of short acting meds (do not recommend ssris etc been there done that) in this class of medication that one's physician might agree to? I also prefer to avoid the added tylenol etc as studies show that there is a lifetime maximum amount one should stay under.
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    Have you tried Ultram or Ultracet?
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    never had a problem with the mood ....but did you say it helped with energy ?Wow makes me tired
  4. kd_yall

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    yep its been amazing, it has allowed me to stay upright longer than i have been able to in like 20 years, it helps the OI or whatever the mechanism was in my CFS that made me have to lie down all the time. at the same time it does make me tired in a way in that I fall asleep earlier instead of being a total night owl, and unfortunately I wake up way earlier too and I don't feel as good as when I was on the night shift sleep schedule; just feel better if can sleep in late in the morning, no matter if go to bed or early or late. Another thing about it I do not like is it does not take the edge off of being overtired like darvocet did, it does not help that tiredness pain, but it helps physical pain and ability to being vertical.
    I am wondering if oxy or dilaudid or methadone etc are easier on the mood.....although pharmacists tell me they would be overkill in terms of dose for what I need, but I thought if I took small dose maybe could work it out if one of them was easier on grumpy factor. Any good pain clinics recommended where they will really sit down and analyze with you in respectful way? its amazing to me that such an important topic doctors can't be bothered to really get into figuring out the best thing because they are too busy.