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  1. RedB

    RedB New Member

    Has anyone ever used Vicodin and had absolutely no results from it? That's been my experience, and I'm just wondering about everyone else.
  2. Elvira

    Elvira New Member

    It's just not strong enough for me. It made me a little fuzzy at first but that was about it. Didn't really help the pain at all.
  3. lisjhn

    lisjhn New Member

    Ultram for some reason works way better for me. But the vicodin does help when I have extra pain, more specific types of pain. But for my all over virusy type pain, Ultram is my drug of choice. Also, vicodin doesn't do it for me either, need something stronger.

  4. PAT

    PAT New Member

    the vicodin just makes me not CARE about the pain! I don't like going through the day in a haze, and like someone said above, it just doesn't really cover the all over pain. The ultram somewhat controls the pain and doesn't make me act like a goof ball.
  5. Dara

    Dara New Member

    but I think I've probably built up a tolerance to it. I haven't discussed it with my doctor because I'm afraid I might give him the wrong idea. I feel very fortunate that he prescribes as much as he does for me so I'm worried that if I tell him its not working he might get the wrong idea. Anyway, it takes the edge off the pain, but I am never pain-free.

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  6. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

    by my pain managment Doctor, Vicodin is fine but way to short acting for chronic pain. This creates constant peaks and valleys. She put me on oxycontin which definately works better without the side effects vicodin has (I use 20mg 2 times a day)oxycontin is slow releasing, less ups and downs...she prescribes the vicodin also for break thru pain.

    Maybe it would be worth driving to another town, even if it's a few hours away to get help??

    Hope you find someone to help.

    Susan B