Vicoprofen & blood pressure

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    I currently take two 7.5/200 Vicoprofen 3x a day for pain. My blood pressure has slowly been creeping up. The last time this happened I was on Vioxx. As soon as I went off of it my pressure went down. Could it be the anti-inflammatory? When I took Vicodin I did not have this problem ... I just did not like taking all that Tylenol.
    What other pain med would you recommend that is void of Tylenol and anti-inflammatories????

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    My sisters blood pressure rises on anti-inflams. Her doctor said it probably(and remember he said probably)was the sodium aspect of it (naproxen sodium). She does seem to bruise much more easily when she takes it. Also, she had a tilt table test and was taking high dosages of 3 different anti inflams (naproxen, vioxx, etc. she was in extreme pain and should not have done this, but well you know the kind of pain) and it affected her tilt table test and gave a false reading. Later she tested for low blood volume via the chromium 51 blood test. So the anti-inflams seemed to affect her blood pressure, perhaps her volume by water rentention. Hope this info help.

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    I feel this is what may be causing mine to go up ... I really apreciate you sharing your story. I need to talk to my dr and find a new med. I really do not need more problems. Thanks again. :)

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