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    Hi Victoria-

    You had put the word hypercoagulation in one of my questions. You had asked if I had been tested for it? What is it?

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    didn't think it was me, but what I do know is this -

    it is something that can be tested for and often is by doctors who work with CF/FM pts and at the FFC Centers. Treatment is by the RX Heparin.

    The big question is of course why one's blood would be thick (hypercoagulated).

    From what I've read, LLMDs for the most part feel is it is a byproduct of infection by one of the stealth organisms and feel it will go away as the infection(s) is treated, and that Heparin needs to be used in a small percentage of cases if a person is not getting a good response to treatment...

    Others, like some FFCs, feel that should be treated first if the test comes up positive, and then treat Lyme and/or other stealth pathogens.

    You can also do a search on this subject at the CF/FM board as the testing & treatment has been around for a good while now specifically for CF/FM.

    hope this helps,

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    Thanks you are a wealth of knowledge!!! Thanks for all of your help!