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    I'm not sure if you have read the updated material on the Marshall Protocol about avoiding light. They have found some people are not as affected as others with light.

    Whenever I go out I wear the new Coppertone Spectra 3, as it is approved for the MP currently and my shades and the sun doesn't bother me at all. I keep my computer screen and tv dim and keep the rooms in the house somewhat dim but by no means am I a cave dweller.

    My doc says there is more focus on avoiding food with D in it then light currently. The whole protocol is so new that they are learning as they go along.

    I think its an individual thing as one can tell if lights are affecting them. If I feel sluggish or not herxing that would be a red flag that I'm gettting too much light.

    This may all be old news to you but I thought I would briog it up since we are both doing the protocol.
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    just been waiting to get a new RX for Zithro... Thanks, I will go back tonight and read up on all I've missed... was there maybe 6 weeks ago but didn't see it... but could've been there... or could've been longer (time flys when you're having fun haha).

    Well I painted the windows out sometime ago, so that's been a done deal. I only had those translucent blinds on them, and when the rising & setting suns hit them, it is quite bright.

    I don't know really how much light affects or doesn't affect me... it's been up and down and I just figured maybe each dose of abx made a difference in reactions... I'm really curious now to see what exactly they're recommending... so TTYL!

    Thanks again...
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    I just started adding the Z to the protocol this week. Forgot what a punch it packs with mino. It tough to have to go back thru the stages again but hey since I feel better in the long run its worth it.

    I noticed where you stop zith at 125mg then add in the other abx this time around. So phase 2 should go by faster.

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    wish it was :-/ !

    But all the same, thanks for giving me encouragement... now I'm REALLY looking forward to it (she says half-way sarcastically, half-way sincerely...)

    I will be adding the Z for the first time... they want me to check my vitamin D tho first as it's been so long since I did. So I guess I will have to wait to get result before I start Phase 2.

    BTW, my name there is Ava.

    Thanks! I do mean it, hehe!

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    What I was saying is that the whole phase 2 protocol has been changed to where you stop upping Z at 125mg and add the other abx.

    When I was doing it the first time you took Z up to a 250mg doseage on a 10 day cycle before you added the next abx.

    Seems Dr. M wants to get the third abx in the mix earlier in the game.

  6. victoria

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    I would think the gains would be made much more quickly? I hope so...