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    We have some frineds that has a son going to school in the Boston area. They think he has lyme so they made an appt. with Dr. Jones in CT. for June.

    My question is do you think your
    Lyme doc have done more for your son then the MP would do?
    Mabe a tough question to answer.

    I just know when I had the LLMD talk me into getting off the MP, I just steadily went downhill popping all these large doses of ABX.
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    --That's an impossible question for me to answer.

    I think that when someone has either had it for a long time and/or is especially susceptible, it may take a long time to really see positive effects, whether it is the MP or abx or whatever. And of course not everyone can tolerate the abx either.

    Considering he was totally unwilling to cover up at all or wear any type of sunglasses - there was no point in trying to get him to do it.

    While there has been discussion about how much one has to cover up and various people have done well with various degrees of covering up, I think he would've had to do it wholeheartedly, he was SO ill when he was first dx'd. Since I was already doing it, he knew what it entailed.

    It has been 23 months now since he began treatment. He has gotten rid of much of the migrating aches/pain in muscles and joints, carpal tunnel in both hands have greatly improved, his limbs rarely go numb, his BP and pulse are now at least low 'normal' -- so physically he is doing much better. It took over a year to really start to see major improvement tho.

    His cognitive problems still remain tho... he is doing abx & mepron for both (suspected) babesia & bartonella, standard course for babesia is 90 days... so we'll see by June how he's doing.

    And of course every time he pulses the abx and HBOT he still herxes... head sweats, floaters, hyperinsomnia, hyperirritability, foggy, fatigued, plus the physical symptoms come back at times unpredictably as to what and how severe, etc., etc....

    We also did a lot of research on supplements that I think have helped support his immune system (not the herbal protocols for Lyme tho) and probiotics... at least having this disease has made him aware of how important a good diet and a clean lifestyle is.

    So really, bottom line for your friends' son is what he's willing to do as well as what he can tolerate. If my son hadn't been able to tolerate the abx, he might have been more willing to try the MP eventually.


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    Goes out to you with everything you have gone thru.
    I told my friend that I would follow Dr. Jones advice and if all else fails then maybe look at the MP.

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    he begins to respond right away... and that the tests and/or his response will make it clear that he has it. If my son hadn't come up so clearly positive, I know he would've been in denial. His elation at finally getting a firm diagnosis lasted for about a whole hour, then turned to depression. Which is of course totally understandable.

    I also hope that Dr. Jones will continue to be around to treat him! It is truly criminal what has been happening. But at least being in the NE he has access to more doctors, if he has to go to someone else eventually.