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    you have been quiet. If you are still on the MP I have a tip for you.
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    lots of personal stuff... MIL who was living with us past 2 years had severe dementia and rapidly declined in June, passed 7/09... had lots to deal with, with that,

    plus son, and, and, ad infinitum .... soooo I'm stressed out/fatigued...

    Yes I am still on it as far as taking benicar, but been so distracted I haven't been able to stick to strict schedule, but should be able to (maybe) once again try beginning phase 2 in a few days...

    Do you still have my email? If not, should still be at the MP site... now you have me curious!

  3. jarjar

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    Have you added extra salt and water to the MP? I'm taking about 3 tabs a day like the salt you use with the Salt and C protocol and it really helps. It helps kick start the adrenals and increases blood volume and flow. Plus not to mention that the bacteria doesn't like the extra salt.

    I talked with someone that recovered on the MP the other day and she was big on using extra salt and and water. Some say your body needs the extra salt and water while on benicar.

    You might want to play around with it and see if it makes a difference for you. Sea salt and water will do fine also.

    I wouldn't take doesages such as mentioned in the Salt and C protocol as that would be too much. Don't forget the extra water also.

    Sorry to hear of all your woes. Hang in there.
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    Actually my DH is trying the Salt/C - btw, I convinced him to use the better sea salt, not hain's or the tablets, but the 'celtic' - he appears to be doing better with that!

    I have added salt, but yes, no where near as much... it was necessary anyway to balance out the benicar!!! And I can still tell when I don't get enough, I will get dizzy.

    Remember in the early 1990s there was a lot of publicity that we ate too much salt? - I fell for that and took to not salting my food...

    I used to quite often have to sit down immediately after trying to stand and put my head between my knees. I finally figured out (duhhh!) that I needed more salt! Once I added more (the good kind!), it went away!!!!

    My DH and I somehow got into a conversation with a stranger about something completely different today in the HF store - but turns out she was dx'd with Lyme about 17 years ago... she hasn't been able to find any decent doctor, and is (amazingly) computer illiterate... so much for no Lyme in Georgia! I'll be sending her lots of links!

    How're YOU doing??? Are you still using the Ambrotose?


    PS Wanted to add that my son tried doing the Salt/C several times over past year, his Dr. didn't have a problem with him trying it along with the abx he's doing or during his hiatus between rounds of abx...

    but either he didn't drink enough water (a good possibility as I don't think he realized just how much he needed, and, he has a hard time getting enough to even eat at times anyway) and/or the combination with the abx was just too much.

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    I was like you at first and just added salt when needed for dizzines. But I'm finding taking around 3 tablets or so a day spaced out plus salt on food is really increasing my energy.

    Yes I still love the Ambrotose and take it daily.

    You might try sea salt and water mixture 3 or 4 times a day for several days and see what it does for you if you are not already doing it.