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    We have just gotten a HBOT machine near where I live (which I can't believe, always have to travel a long way for anything). My question......One treatment now and then probably would not be helpful I am assuming. Surely my insurance would not pay for it and I couldn't afford to go on a steady basis. How often did your son get a treatment and do you think it was helpful?

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    Is it an 'alternative health' or 'integrative medicine' type clinic? As the 'usual' clinics won't take anyone except for the uses the FDA has 'approved' (less than 20 reasons, lyme isn't one).

    When he initially used it, he used it like abx, literally 2 'dives' per day 5 days/week for 2 weeks to kill lyme and bartonella, babesia, but was too much combined with abx for him to take.

    So now he uses it occasionally to to help him detox during the periods of time he's off abx, and it always makes him feel better.

    You might inquire if they have any special rates for you since insurance won't pay for it - often clinics will do this; he got a break in price since he has no insurance at all.

    Hope it helps you too!

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