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  1. victoriacfs

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    Hello, my name is victoria and this is my first time here.. Does anyone take the drug Cytovene? If so please let me know if it helped you at all............any info would be a blesssing for me.....
  2. pooped

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    I do not take Cytovene, I just wanted to welcome you and bump your post so maybe someone who does take this drug can reply. It might help if you used the word Cytovene in your title so people can see what your topic is about. Good luck to you!!

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    from Victoria... :- )

    Sorry, don't know anything about Cytovene though - I agree, you should post with a heading with that name in it! ( I actually thought for a sec you were contacting me! )

    Or do a search for it on this site...