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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TwoCatDoctors, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    This is Shelby the Cat with a great video of a slow motion cat showing great form and performance and olympic leaps. Earns a 4 paws up award.
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Is that your Shelby? What an athlete!

    One can see the attributes that make cats such great hunters. A limber spine
    that enables fast running, long, powerful hind legs for jumping; sharp claws
    and teeth; alert to movement.

    And also a good poster and cat doctor. Regards to Cesar.

  3. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    That isn't one of my cats in the video, but Shelby the cat and I were watching the video and she seemed intrigued with it and so did I. It was slow motion cat ballet.

    Shelby the Cat Doctor was busy pestering me to go to bed last night. I was watching TV on the sofa and she was insistent that I was going to bed. Yes, I was very tired and I hurt. Yes, I needed to go to bed. But I was holding on to watch the last 15 minutes of a show.

    Thankfully, I have TV in my bedroom and Shelby CONVINCED me to go to bed and watch the last 15 minutes in bed. SHE IS SUCH A PUSHY DOCTOR BUT A GOOD DOCTOR WITH COMMON CAT SENSE!!
  4. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    Hovercat (a/k/a George) is just mewsic (music) to my eyes and also love the tune being played.
  5. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I thought that Hovercat had been adopted by the Newscaster on the video. Hovercat was later adopted by someone else. But Hovercat still rules Shelby's heart.

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