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    I tried a no carb, very low carb diet for two years and it made no difference for pain but helped minimally with brain fog and energy
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    Hi, Willow

    I am sorry that the low carbohydrate diet did not work for you. The poll results above also indicate that 21% did not benefit from eating low carb diet -not that this a randomized controlled study. I am still impressed with some of the over all numbers considering the participants were not utilizing all the resource we have today.

    I am asking forum members to look past the low carb diets they have try in the past. We now have a better understanding why people fail on a low carb diets.

    The experts I have researched are saying people fail on low carb nutritional interventions because they are eating to much protein and not enough healthy fats.

    Why do people fail on a low carbohydrate diet?
    (To Much Protein, not enough FAT)

    • We must consume low to moderate protein on a low carb diet.
    • We must consume 75-85% healthy fats to enter into ketosis.
    • We must measures ketones utilizing a glucometer as may have metabolic damage that will need more protein/carb restriction to become keto adapted.

    Yes, eating a low carb diet and consume to much protein can very be problematic -because the body will turn the excess proteins in to glucose through Gluconeogenesis if you go over your limit.

    This is why the old Atkins diet was not successful long term. They did not measure Blood Ketone to compensate for metabolic issues that can be difficult to over come in anyone's healing journey.

    There are many other possible contribution factors -why low carb did not work for you. But, I feel we need to consider a modern approach using the science of today, before we give up on a low carb lifestyle.

    How can nutritional ketosis be beneficial in controlling FM pain?

    When the body utilizes fats/Ketone bodies as it primary fuel - Inflammation, Glutathione and Cholesterol levels generally go in the right direction.

    The other beneficial part of being in nutritional ketosis is that it's very protein sparing to the body. This may have a dramatic impact on the NO/ONOO cycle related to oxidative damage -as to much Arginine in the diet can drives this vicious cycle.

    (To Much Protein can drives this vicious cycle)

    We need to try to address the causative factors relating to FM pain and inflammation. I feel the Ketogenic diet may be a good simplistic solution in minimizing many of these possible contributing factors.

    See more below and Never give Up The Fight!

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    Metabolic Function & Excess Protein Consumption | Nora Gedgaudas

    Dr. Stephen Phinney - 'Achieving and Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis'

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    Do you take anything for inflammation? (Please Review link)
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    @Willow77, when you did low carb, did you also do gluten free? I'm reading David Perlmutter's book Grain Brain, and he would say that cutting out gluten is an essential part of low-carb eating for brain benefits. He is a neurologist who firmly believes everyone should get off gluten because modern gluten is a neurotoxin and causes brain inflammation. The book does a great job of explaining the benefits of a low-carb diet for the brain and the science behind it.

    His plan does allow for small amounts of healthy carbs, so I don't feel deprived at all.

    His book also has examples of low-carb eating plans and lots of fabulous recipes.
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    Hi, jkennedy,

    Great book!

    I do agree -that the Grain Brain Diet is a great resource for the beginner -especially people starting out looking for ways to optimize their overall health.

    The Grain Brain/Paleo Diet can help limit some of the related brain inflammation and metabolic damage. But, people suffering from FM may need to adopt the Ketogenic Diet concept to help reduce the infectious oxidative mechanisms. A low carbohydrate, gluten free lifestyle have been tried before with some success. But, I feel it's time to go beyond the Paleo low carb diet and take our damaged metabolism to the next level.

    See more below:

    -Keto Diet Wahls Paleo Plus

    -Keto Diet Dairy Free Recipes:

    Keto Question:
    Can you still consume grass-fed butter with casein antibodies? Maybe, I mixed ghee butter with duck fat together.
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    I used Dr. St. Amad's Strict Hypoglycemia diet. You don't test for ketosis as you eat food only from a list of very low carb foods. There was no grain allowed. It was through this diet that I found out I am sensitive to gluten. When I stopped eating from the list and added a low carb bread that had vital wheat gluten, I noticed that daily nausea returned. When I ran out of the bread the nausea and a rash on my face went away.

    I found a few years later that dairy gives me headaches and egg yolks give me nausea as well.

    I take 3 fish oil capsules a day and my cholesterol went down over 20 points. My mothers cholesterol also went down 20 points with taking fish oil.

    I now eat only gluten free, dairy free and egg yolk free but also avoid a lot of green vegetables because they give me the runs. Red meat causes stomach cramps. I can eat vegetables if they are juiced so I think it may be IBS and I just cannot digest the fiber in some veggies. My juicer broke so I am watching Amazon for a sale on a new one.
    I didn't feel any better when I juiced but I know it must be doing good things for my body. My doc doesn't like supplements but is okay with fish oil, black kohosh and vit D3 and small amounts of aloe vera. Otherwise she said to just eat herbs as food. So I am planning on planting an herb garden for teas and juicing.
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    Candida Could be the Cause of Your Condition

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