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    SKIN PROBLEMS (ACNE)? and any
    Some other potential benefits is that it may normalize blood flow, improve intestinal flora and protect us from free radical damage, by increasing antioxidants..

    If you decide to try OLE (Olive Leaf Extract)...some guidelines and tidbits of experiential knowledge..

    START WITH LOW DOSAGE:l50-200mg capsules,which seems to be tolerable for most..But if your herx is too bad, go even lower, breaking up tablet, capsules..Liquid tinctured OLE is, also available..HERXING SYMPTOMS are usually flu-like, however, you may have some symptoms unique to you..Headaches are a frequent herxing symptom..

    SUGGESTED PROTOCOL: l50mg/day for l week, 2/l50mg/day FOR a week, with 6 hours inbetween doses, etc. upping or lowering the dosage, based on your symptoms..

    DRINK LOTS OF WATER, to flush the toxins out..and use other detox methods, if needed..epsom salt/hydrogen peroxide baths, Olive oil/whole lemon tonics, sweating out toxins, etc.

    AFTER ABOUT TWO MONTHS, you will need to pulse (stop for short periods of time) with days, weeks or months off, AFTER A YEAR..Example: Taking 2 days off every seven days, 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off, or whatever works for you.. The point is to vary it, so that your body will not develop a tolerance for the medication, confusing the "critters" in the balance..If you relapse when off OLE, Oregano Oil, Grapefruit Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil (or some other type anti-microbial type treatment) are other options..

    TAKING ONLY OLE (with no added ingredients) will help eliminate the confusion, if you have bad reactions, and also, I find that I am more likely to tolerate only one herb vs. several in one bottle..

    BUY THE BEST ONE THAT IS AFFORDABLE...Seagate is considered the premier OLE, but look for the ones with the whole leaf, utilized..

    CONTRAINDICATIONS-Allergy to olive tree pollen...May create some mild gastrointestinal irritation, if taken on an empty stomach...

    KNOWN DRUG INTERACTIONS-Will potentiate the effects of heparin, coumadin, trental (BLOOD THINNERS), and
    even aspirin, due to its effects on encouraging good blood formation and blood flow...

    May potentiate the effects of BLOOD PRESSURE lowering medications and may interact with ANTIDIABETIC drugs, due to its blood lowering potential and its potential to affect blood glucose, for the positive..

    This may not help everyone, BUT, in my experiences with these DDs, THIS HAS BEEN THE MAIN SUPPLEMENT TO BE REALLY EFFECTIVE..

    Hope you find this herb to be as helpful, too..
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    Especially, if you are having strong herx..the reason you are feeling it so, is because there must be too much to be disposed of at the rate at which your body can rid itself of the pathogens, and thus, you are feeling the symptoms of the toxins..and it is better to go easier on your body and help clear the toxins out slower by taking lower dose and drinking a lot of water...

    Theoretically, you would rid your body faster of the critters, but it is not good to put that much of a strain on your body...better to go lower dose, and build up gradually..

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    Your body will still be fighting the critters, but at a lower rate and pace...I made significant improvement in my symptoms over 6 months, so I know that good things are being achieved..but I mistakenly took twice my dose (still have memory problems) within one hour's time, and the herxing came back in full force with my most significant herxing symptom (an incredibly bad migraine)...but I now have to take an huge dose to see that..1650mg within an hour's time...

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    I bought Seagate OLE and am going to start it after I see my holistic doc tomorrow to discuss lowering my BP meds a bit while I am on it.
    The Seagate caps are 450 mgs. each....Are you saying I should take the capsules apart and take some out?
    I took OLE once before and started right off at maximum dose and never had any herx at all, but that was a cheaper brand.
    The info that came with the Seagate OLE says only a very small percentage of people have a herx.
    Maybe I'll be lucky?
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    I wonder if they are not talking about the general population..However, do you think you have a lot of pathogens? I could not tolerate the 450mg I had to go to the much lower dosage and it made the herx so much more tolerable, although, I still did herx, at a much lower level, for about a week...

    I stress caution, because, some people will give up on it, if they have a huge reaction...You probably know more than the average person on this..and can adjust accordingly..I would break open the capsule, if it was me, since I would not know how strong it is..or go and buy a lower strength capsule for the first month on only took me one bottle to move up to the first 450-500mg capsule, and that was when I bought a better grade one, too..

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    Here I thought you had an Ole and Lena joke for me. I hadn't heard one in a long time, so was looking forward to it!

    Marilyn :)
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    But, the IVs of vitamins were a joke for me, whilst the docs made a great living...whereas, maybe I have missed something, the OLE has been great...but, I have been beaten down by all the ohter C**P THAT DID NOTHING!!!
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    Thanks for the laugh. One of the many things I miss about living in Wisconsin was all those Ole and Lena jokes.
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    Allright Plantscaper!!!your on it girl!! This is what I wanted....dosing,amounts,herxing,lowering,pulsing!!!
    Perfect!! I think i'll take this slowly and stay on just the one a day for a week or so~Then increase to 2x per day.
    And see how it goes!! If I'm herxing or getting extra achy/flu...I'll lower down a bit. Thanks again!!
    :) Tracey
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    Made a few changes, as don't think that it is a good idea to take it every other day, when pulsing, as critters may only see it as reduction in dose..

    When pulsing, the critters need to think that it is gone and they don't have to be mutating..and then, hit them again, with OLE, when not expecting it..Using other antimicrobials will help, when off OLE, especially if you seem to be relapsing (old symptoms reappearing)..


    Some other people, who felt OLE helped a great deal, include Lucky, Skychomper, PatPalmer, CelticLadee, etc. TALK TO THEM, if they do not respond soon...

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    This is great, loads of easy to follow concise info.

    Bek, my daughter had Mycoplasma Pneumoniae. OLE was the only thing that created a dramatic improvement in her health within 6 weeks. She was struggling with learning to drive and sofa ridden much of the time, then went on to pass her driving test 3 months after starting OLE. Not bad eh...

    Love Pat.
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    I discussed the OLE with my doc, and he said to take the capsule apart, take only a little at first, and monitor my blood pressure, since I cannot lower my BP meds. He has never had anyone whose pressure was lowered by taking OLE, so you were lucky. He admits he is no expert on OLE though.
    I have one more week on Nystatin left, then I'll start the OLE very slowly.
    This is my question....should it be on an empty stomach or with food?
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    Yep, this one I'd printed out too. So I madly went through my printouts and found it, along with PatPalmer's "Easy read informative article about OLE".

    Thanks a ton!
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    I have read it is more readily absorbed on an empty stomach, however, if it irritates yours, they indicate you should take on a full stomach..According to Morton Walker, in his book, Nature's Antibiotic, blood pressure to a more healthy level is one of the purported benefits..maybe does not help everyone in that way...

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    Is there a general test or diagnosis the doctor can do? Or is it just the general consensus that we must have some to get rid of or we wouldn't be feeling so awful? It sounds like a lot of people are on the OLE and if it's a tried and true treatment, I would like to consider if it's right for me. Thanks!


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    we do have quite a few pathogens running rampant in our bodies..Dr Cheney recommends OLE as an agent to be used to deal with them..Have you read his long research article on the subject and do you have CFS and/or FM? Some people are tested for mycoplasma, viruses, funguses (various yeasts) and parasites, as part of the diagnosis of these DDs..

    In the past, I have been tested for various viruses, yeast, and I knew it was part of the reason for these DDs and chose to try OLE..Herxing seems to be phenomenon that occurs when you have pathogens, and it occurred for me in a big way when I used OLE..If you have the health insurance to be tested, that is great, and you would probably want to check out mycoplasma testing...I chose to do the treatment to see if it worked for me, without testing (don't have health insurance)..

    Good Luck,