Views of marijuana from Canada (continued)

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    I'm bringing this forward into another post as EVERYONE seems to want to comment, but it takes FOREVER for the original post to load since there are so many replies. Thus, bring it forward, and carry on!


    Views of marijuana from Canada 09/06/02 08:38 AM

    My neighbor has MS and smokes pot for her leg pain. She came over to my house a couple of weeks ago to check up on me since I was going through yet another flare. She convinced me to have a couple puffs from her joint.

    It was like a miracle had happened.

    Within five minutes I no longer felt exausted like I usually do in the morning. The pain in my right leg seemed to ease. I was actually able to forget my pain for a least until I stood up and tried to walk too fast. The marijuana gave me a relief that no amount of demerol, oxycontin or antidepressants had ever done.
    Then I see on the news here in Canada that the government is discussing legallizing it for people over 16 years old. The lobbiests want to have the right to distribute marijuana the same way that Americans distribute alcohol, in corner stores. Selling it will still be illegal, and growers will have to be registered with the government, just like any other money producing crop. Our country's deficit would be considerably lowered if the government were to tax it the same way as cigarettes.
    Personally, I think that the age should be raised to 18 or 19 (our legal drinking age). And it should only be available to people that can produce a card given to them by their doctor stating that it is needed for medical reasons.
    As it is now, my friend is allowed to smoke it for her MS. She IS NOT allowed to buy it, or grow it.
    Makes sense, eh?
    Marijuana has been around for countless centuries, used by the natives of our great continent. It's natural, it's one heck of alot easier on the body, especially on the liver, than all those chemicals that most of us are all putting into our bodies to try and get some sort of relief that we never really seem to get.
    I know that it is not for everyone. But for those that it works for, should be legally allowed to use it.

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    It is interesting to read people's views on this subject. There were some questions about quality and medicinal values. For all those interested, there is an EXCELLENT book available titled "The Great Big Book Of BUDS".

    This book outlines just about every variety known to man, and lists the medicinal properties of each. Properties listed include info such as, what type is best for cancer pain, muscle pain, joint pain, etc., what varieties are good for inducing sleep, alertness, appetite. You name it, it's in there!

    ohmyaching writes:
    >>I don't think marijuana should be legal. 02/28/03 05:46 AM
    I understand people's pain and will not argue against it, but I just believe that the weed carries with it too many problems and the best way to avoid those problems is never to start using it.<<

    We are all entitiled to our personal opinions. If you would like more information regarding the (il)legality of use, please read: "The Emperor Wore No Clothing" (Or something like that, but NOT the kids story). It will inform you as to what marijuana was used for, leagally & IN THIS COUNTRY, up until the early 20th century. It further goes on to explain the how and why it became illegal (this info makes GW Bush all the more scary!) in the first place.

    Medically, it WILL affect the lungs, if smoked, in ways similar to tobacco use. There are also more than 400 different types of fats that are deposited in our bodies with injestion, and we don't, at this time, know what the repercussions from that will be. All the more reason to fund gov. research on the subject.

    I'm a VERY strong advocate for medicinal use for many illnesses. Even in terms of street use, I would MUCH rather my child confess to me about smoking pot than about alcohol. And for those skeptics who say, "your child is not likely to confess use of either", you are WRONG, as we(child & I) have already moved past this stage, and confessions were readily available. A STRONG bond of communication can carry through for a lifetime.

    So, this is my 2 cents worth. ;p
    Let Miracles Replace ALL Grievances

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    Doesn't marijuana raise dompamine levels?? Isn't this what most FMS'ers need because of loss of sleep and low Stage 3&4 sleep?? Does anyone know if this is correct or not??
    Thanks, Vicky