Vigil For ME Awareness: wherever you are in the World please join us!

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    A Vigil for International ME Awareness Day

    Raising Awareness and Funds for Biomedical Research

    12th May 2014​

    A vigil is being held on 12th May for International ME Awareness Day. Please join the vigil by lighting a candle and spending some quiet time on this special day in solidarity and support for the ME communities around the world. If you have access to the internet you can light a virtual candle as part of a group vigil. You can also leave a message or dedicate a virtual candle for a friend or loved one and share it with them.

    At our last International Vigil for ME Awareness Day, people from 14 different countries around the world took part. Wherever you are in the World, holding a vigil raises awareness and serves as a powerful means of encouraging unity and strength of purpose, so whether as an individual, group or Organisation, your participation makes a difference.

    Here is a link to the website with information about biomedical research from around the world and details of how you can take part in the vigil: By telling friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about the vigil and sharing this post on social networking sites you can help to expand the circle of people taking part.