Vinegar Allergy?

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    Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to using vinegar as a cleaning product?
    My husband used a solution of vinegar, water, and hand soap to clean some mildew off the bedroom ceiling and I started to itch and break out in red splotches on my chest and back.

    I felt like my nasal passages were swollen and sinuses blocked. I felt breathless. Has anyone had this happen? I have chemical sensitivies, CFS and FM. GB66
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    a reaction to the mold being stirred up by the wiping action, and not the vinegar.
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    Thanks for your responses. I'll probably never know if it was the vinegar or the mold, maybe a combination. I had trouble sleeping for awhile due to the nasal swelling and congestion but it did finally start to clear.

    I still feel a bit stuffy today and the itching was not too bad, the rash went away fast too. My stomach was upset too. Definitely a strong sensitivity reaction.

    We washed the area again with plain water and dried with a hair dryer and I think that might have helped some. I do have severe MCS now. It's gradually gotten worse over the years. I will avoid cleaning with vinegar from now on though. GB66
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    which is why I use white vinegar to clean with. It's made from grain -- not the kind made from petrochemicals.