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  1. ohmyaching

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    Is vinegar supposed to be good for fighting candida yeast?
  2. Wasabi

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    No, because vinegar contains yeast or yeast-like substances from the fermentation process.

    I tested positive for Candida yeast, and so per both my FM specialist and my allergist, I was put on a yeast-free, mold-free, malt-free diet. Of course, there seem to be a number of different yeast-fighting programs, so it probably depends on who you talk to. But this is what I've been told.... Hope this helps.
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  3. rt6176

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    I use raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar for treating sore throats.

    I use it diluted with water as a gargle, then swallow some in little amounts.

    Vinegar temporarily loweres the PH (acidic) of what ever it comes in contact with.

    If germs cannot survive in that enviorment, they die.

    I do not know if this extents to organisms in your gut.

    Maybe someone else has had experience with it.

  4. Prunella

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    I can tolerate regular vinegar and balsamic vinegar but can not tolerate apple cider vinegar at all (and this is supposed to be the good one!) When you look at it you can see the "mother" growing in it. Looks rather fungus-like to me!

    I try to avoid vinegar and use lemon juice instead.

    I did the anti-yeast diet for about 6 months once and did not notice any difference except for losing weight which was not something I needed to do.

    I am glad this topic came up because I hope the little bit of balsamic vinegar I use in some homemade salad dressings isn't hurting me.

    I can not eat mushrooms at all but seem to be OK with cheese. Confusing!!!