Vinoprin, anyone?

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    Has anyone tried this all natural pain killer? I heard an ad on thee radio and before I shell out MORE money, I wanted to see who might have tried it and if it works. It's a hops-based formula. Why can't I just have a Guinness every night? (wink).
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    I was thinking about doing just that. Pain Rx still doing well and PT feels good. Lasted two days so far, did deep tissue massage along spine. At first I shrieked. Then it was "Ahhhhh". Muscles were so tight! Range of motion is good. Bariatric and pain management next, then hemotoliigist. Blood still crappy. Platelets 47, AC1 6.9. Ugh!
  3. IceRaven3

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    I'm glad I got the Vinoprin relatively cheap! Didn't do a thing for me!
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    I tried Vinoprin or One Hour Pain Relief and it really worked for me. I asked several questions and decided to try it out. I was told some customers have great results while others never find relief. It works differently for each person. They do have a free sample you can try which includes 6 softgels. They have another option where you get 18 softgels and only pay $5.95 for shipping and handling. Regardless, they have an unconditional money back guarantee for any purchases made. It assisted in relieving my back, neck, and shoulder pain from an injury I had years ago. I don't like taking over the counter medicines or NSAIDs, so the all natural extract option was the way to go for me. I Hope my review helped.