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  1. voicesthatcarry

    voicesthatcarry New Member

    I am new to the message boards, but not to fibro. Have had it since 1993, and I am the only one in my family who has it. Does anyone experience violent shaking or tremors. I have seen many drs. and no one can help with this.
    Also does anyone have ideas on traveling by car long distances-driving for more than 1/2 hour causes a flare for me. Help!!!
  2. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    How is your blood sugar? I have experienced the tremors and bad shakes first of all from the antidepressant, zoloft I was on it for about 10 days before the tremors started..Then found out I have reactive hypoglecemia so still not for sure if it was from the zoloft or if it was all hypoglecemia related. The endoc.says the tremors were possible zoloft related so I haven't tried any other antidepressants and no tremors, still get the shakes every now and then..

    I don't drive more than 30 minutes from home because I have cfs and afraid of a crash so that has caused me to have agoraphobia and now I am afraid to try..Afraid I will have a crash and can't get back home..

    Hope you find out what is going on.

    God Bless,
  3. pamsue

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    Hi, I am so sorry about what you are going through. I never get violent shaking, I have had some tremors at times, but never violent shaking.

    Is this when you have a bad flare, how long does it last? I have not heard of it and did not know it was one of the symptoms of FM.

    I hope you get some answers. I wish I could be of help.

  4. elliespad

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    I get tremors, but not what I would describe as violent shaking. Mine are tremors, much like a Parkinson patient, but not as pronounced. When this happens, I am usually pretty bad and have lost my fine motor skills. Can't write, use a mouse, hold my foot on gas pedal. When I get this bad, I am very tearful, and scared.

    I relate that shaking, as a depletion of dopamine. This is a self diagnosis and I treat it with DL-Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine. These are amino acids that help your body to make neurotransmitters, like L-Dopa, norepinephrine, epinephrine, (chemicals that transmit signals between nerve cells). I take these daily as they also help for pain and sense of well being. L-Tyroisine also helps your body to make Thyroid hormone. But sometimes, I get off my supplement track, and eventually develop the tremeors.

    In addition to the possibility of low blood sugar, you might also get tremors from HIGH thyroid levels. I have also found that during periods when my blood pressure drops VERY low, that I will get INTERNAL tremors, when lying flat.

    It is disturbing and I hope you get this resolved soon.
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  5. Txslady

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    I get tremors from meds or a flare. The only time I had shaking was when my gallbladder was going bad and they took 2 months to diagnose. The shaking resembled a siezure. When I told the doctor about this he did not believe me. After doing research on my own I discovered it was a symptom of bilary dyskinesia. I took him a copy of the page then I found a new doctor. I did not have (I don't think)fibro before the gallbladder problem.


  6. tngirl

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    I have tremors and involuntary jerking movements sometimes. I have seen a neurologist and had tests to rule out illnesses such as Parkinsons and tumors/etc.

    In my case the tremor is believed to be genetic, they found not cause for the myoclonic jerking. I have since found out that it is somewhat common in people who have fibromyalgia.

    SSRI's exacerbate my movement disorders. I also can't take Reglan because it makes it much worse. There are neurologists who are movement disorder specialists if you can find one in your area.

    I've never had the violent shaking except when I was in labor.

    About the driving, there was a time I couldn't drive over a half hour because it made my shoulders hurt and made me so tired I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get home. That is better right now. The driving didn't so much throw me into a pain filled flare that lasted days, it just exhausted me and made me feel like I couldn't move.
  7. voicesthatcarry

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    My blood sugar and thyroid is normal. I am on Zoloft, but have been on others, and this shaking started about 2 months into my fibro. My legs get so they won't work-very stiff and don't want to move, therefore I have to shuffle like a very elderly person! It is so awful and embarassing as well. There is no rhyme or reason-it comes and goes, but I seem to have it every day at some level.
    I can relate to your being so afraid to drive. There was a time when I wouldn't drive as well because I was afraid I wouldn't get home or something awful would happen. Then the panic attacks kicked in for years. Everytime I got into my car, I couldn't breathe. Finally my counselor suggested getting rid of my car. Recently remarried I now drive my husbands car and have very few panic attacks.
    God bless
  8. voicesthatcarry

    voicesthatcarry New Member

    I am not sure if these tremors are caused by fibro-but 2 months into it is when they started. I have them every day-sometimes 24/7 and it is exhausting as well as fighting the fibro. Have been to several neurologists-nothing, my dr says I just have to live with it. But I am very tired, and this is when my depression kicks in.
    Hugs back at ya!
  9. abgranny

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    I used to have episodes like really hard shaking chills. Especially after working a night shift and they would hurt so bad. Talked with an older doc that I worked with and he told me it was a stress reaction, due to working nights and being tired. In other words my immune response. Since i have been doing colon detox and taking supplement this doesn't happen although at times after working if i stay up to long before going to bed i can feel one coming on. That's when I shut things down and go to bed. Hope this helps.

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