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    As several friends have had problems with Vioxx I
    did a little research. I'm sure those taking it probably have also, but for those who haven't and
    may be offered a prescription here goes;
    Vioxx or Rotecoxib
    Is a selective Cox-2 inhibitor intended for use for
    the "joint pain" of "Arthritis". Sometimes given in
    liquid form for headaches and menstrual discomfort.
    Main side effects but not ALL possible are;
    Upset stomach, dizziness, heartburn, vomitting and
    constipation. FDA sights GI ulcers, bleeding and
    perforation. Vioxx 50mg. is NOT recommended for chronic use. At 25mg. for "Arthritis" it is associated with higher incidence of hypertension
    compared to 1000mg.of Naproxin. Warning that ALL NSAIDs have higher risk of serious GI problems and renal failure in older patients. Vioxx may increase
    risk of heart attack, stroke. FDA report linked 5 cases of non bacterial (viral) meningitis. FDA
    reports show that several patients developed aspeptic meningitis.

    It's just good to know what you are putting in your
    body and for you and your doctor to discuss all the
    possibiities of any medication and it's risks. I am
    interested in the NSAIDs specifically since they
    had me on high doses of Ibuprofen for months for my
    FM pain when I suddenly developed an ulcer. They did the same thing to my daughter and Vioxx in particular caused her bloody stools after just a
    couple of doses. That is our opinion of what caused
    it as that was the new thing she was trying for her
    FM pain at the time...and she had no such symptoms before taking it. I hope the info helps anyone to
    at least consider if offered this drug. It does
    NOT seem to effect some people in any apparent negative way. Hugs, Bambi