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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by italiano, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. italiano

    italiano New Member

    Can someone tell me how to contact VIP Labs to get testing for the virus? Do we email them? Do we get an order from our doctor and then go to any lab ?

    I am confused. Sorry.
  2. hensue

    hensue New Member

    They are very nice, and a doctor does have to sign off on the lab test. When you receive the actual lab test it will tell you everything to do.
    My doc did not know anything about it but he wanted to look at what they sent, the actual lab stuff.

    I guess to make sure it was sterile and all that stuff. His nurse made copies of everything that was sent with it.
    The papers sent were prices on stuff different lab test, medicare info and a Whittemore Peterson Institute paper about XMRV virus. The paper I think was published on facebook.

    It told about the paper being published in Science and what the findings were.

    The paper mentioned chronic fatigue patients and fibromyalgia patients.
    I think the lab has a waiting list I am not sure.

    They will only send out so many a week.

    Take care hensue
  3. street129

    street129 New Member

    the lady at the lab, said it will be months before she reach to my name on the waiting list, but if i don't hear from them in 6 weeks, to give them a call. she said the waiting list is very long, and they started taking people about three weeks ago.. she told me there are 2 tests. A PCR for 400.dollars and the virus culture latent for 500.dollars, but, you can get both for 650.00

    she instructed me that when i get the kit, (god knows when), i must take it to my doctor, the dr. that i see knows a little about chronic fatigue syndrom, he works with Dr T. He is always willing to do anything you asked of him, after he does his part, by signing or somethiing like that, i then have to take it to the lab for blood drawn.
    i must either use a credit card or money order to cover the test, i which he did blood work in his office. DOES anyone knows if quest diagnostic will do this test.

    second option, i have a pcp dr that does blood work, in her office, she did the test for ebv on me which came back high, but she is a difficult dr. she wants things her way, if i bring this to her, she acts up. or she might go along with it. I dont know how she will react to me bringing this stuff to her, she act so uppidy and you dont know how she will be with you from one day to the next.

    my stomach tells me go to the other dr, even thou his office is far away from where i live, he's in brooklyn at the last stop, im in mid manhattan. I live in New York. i will try her first and if she refuses i will go to the other doctor at least i have options.
    but whom ever does the test, they will have to send the kit off, and they will get the results.

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  4. italiano

    italiano New Member

    you all are awesome in responses. thanks so much. bless you.
  5. italiano

    italiano New Member

    so we pay the VIP lab the 650 to get it mailed to us or do we pay when the labs are done?
    i am not so bright..thanks!
  6. street129

    street129 New Member

    within the kit will be forms and a part for you to either put in your credit card information or you will have to write VIP a check according to the information that will be within the kit. whomever does your blood work will be the one to send the kit off, before you know the results, your doctor will get the result, then you either have an appointment or called you dr. to see if the results are in.
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  7. italiano

    italiano New Member

    now i understand. thanks so much.

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