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    Ok so i seems (correct me if i am wrong) the most accurate way to detect a virus (assuming it has migrated to the CNS) is to do a spinal tap and test the spinal fluid, unless it is just in your brain.

    I know dcfingers has had a spinal tap and might get another and from sounds from her it is not pleasant at all, but people suspected of having MS get these so why wouldnt those with CFS/ME? anyone else here ever got a spinal tap?

    dcfingers - what did your results show if I may ask?

    Of course, one can assume you have a virus anyway, but good to know for sure and what viruses exactly.

    If not this then check serum (not the blood) , i am not sure but seems like most doctors test the blood for viruses and bacteria but why not the serum if it is more accurate, does it cost more or is it more invasive or something??

    anyway, just trying to get a better grasp of this.

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    I had one done at the beginning of my illness because I had an ongoing headache for a month (luckily gone now). It involves a thin needle inserted in your back while you are curled up in a fetal position or sitting up. The needle allows the spinal fluid to flow out. I had an experienced doctor perform mine and it didn't hurt much at all. However, I did have a spinal headache (where you can't sit up for long without a horrible headache) for three days. Using a smaller gauge needle sometimes helps alleviate the headache. Risks of spinal tap include infection, bleeding, and possible nerve damage to the spinal cord so it's much more invasive than taking blood.

    My spinal fluid didn't show any signs of infection or bacteria. They also tested me for west nile and this didn't show anything either. Unfortunately it is not routine to test for viruses in general.
  3. roge

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    Thanks all for your replies!

    Guess I won't be hurrying out to get a spinal tap anytime soon although there still is a part of me that might, depends on how things progress or don't progress with my health.

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    i have talked with person at Stanford University, where Dr. Montoya is going to conduct controlled research study on effectiveness of anti-viral medication on CFIDS patients who test positive for presence of certain viruses.

    i was sent a paper listing protocol for testing, and viruses to test for. i asked my primary care physician, but the tests as described from Stanford aren't done at my local hospital.

    these are Stanford Un. guidelines: to use... "lab using Focus Diagnostics with the IFA metric. Quest is one such lab which uses FOCUS and IFA. however the lab technician must write on the lab forms "SEND TO FOCUS." Please tell the patient that Stanford does not endorse a particular lab or metric, however we prefer FOCUS/IFA because we are most familiar with it. Labs completed with the last 6 months using FOCUS/IFA are acceptable.

    the labs needed are the following:
    HHV-6 IgG and IgM (Focus code number 40540)
    EBV VCA IgG (Focus code number 40465)
    EBNA (Focus code number 40485)
    EBV EA IgG (Focus code number 40475)

    the following test results would also be helpful if the patient has them:
    latest CBC Panel
    Any immune system work ups
    Thyroid results including TSH and free T4
    T cell analysis "

    so that's taken directly from the inf. i have.

    i need to find a lab to have the testing done. i wanted it done at Stanford, but i can't get through to them. my doctor said the testing would be expensive, so maybe i can't afford to have it done. but i really really want to know if i am carrying any/all of these viruses as i've been dealing with CFIDS for over six years now.

    if anyone has more information on testing for viruses, i sure hope to hear or find it on this Board. thanks, Sascha

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