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    For those on virastop, I would like to know how long I should take it before I see any results? I have been on it for one month. I am up to 3 a day. I have not noticed any herx reactions. I do notice a slight improvement. That is, I am able to do more things and can last a longer time in activities. However the next day I am zonked. I have to rest for hours. Still, I am grateful for the improvement. Should I increase the dose to 4? Thanks for any help. Jess
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    1 / week until you find "your dose". For my mom, it was 6/day. Dr. Wong like Vitalzym from World Nutrition.

    If you take too many enzymes, you just get diarrhea. It simply digests everything in your gut! Dr Wong talks about Dr. Wolf's discovery that enzymes won't digest our own body since our DNA tags it.

    "Forbearance" has had great success with Virastop.