Virtual Holidays

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Rafiki, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Rafiki

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    for those who are bed or home bound with illness or disability.

  2. Juloo

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    But what an interesting concept!

    I can only imagine that this could grow into something even more...perhaps DVDs for each day, or a basket of foods for the area.

    One Christmas, we got a membership for our (then young) son in a world traveler by-mail thing that would send a local map puzzle and booklet for learning about the country and a sticker for his 'passport'.

    This is like that, but for grownups!

    You know, I can see in the future that people will actually go on virtual holidays. They would wear headgear that would allow them to see in 360 directions, and it would be linked to a camera on a real tour guide. The 'tourist' would purchase so many hours of tour, and the guide would be the 'feet', allowing the guest to dictate the interests and focus and would personalize the experience for them. Wouldn't that be cool!

    I also think in the original virtual holiday that it would be interesting to have links to live cams and message boards for the study areas. That way someone at a distance could even talk to people in that place (although, at their own risk!!!).
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  3. zenouchy

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    Thanks for sharing, Rafiki. There's some benefits there too. You don't have to deal with packing, airport security, plane delays/cancellations, and cramped plane seats made for Lilliputians. Cool concept.

    Happy Holidays!


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