Virus/Bacterial Infection

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    Hi everyone - does anyone know if its possible to isolate a bacteria that causes pneumonia/brochitis through a blood test? I checked with my doctor and he has no idea what I'm talking about. Wants me to come in and see his assistant - again no one knows anything about fms and/or auto immune diseases. I have already been struck with right side facial paralysis about 3 years ago because THAT doctor did not prescribe the steroid that they should have given me to treat Bells Palsy. After surgeries I'm still left with paralysis. I've had fibro for over 10 years. Any help would be appreciated very much.
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    I have had pneumonia three times in the last 5 years and wonder if there is a connection. I have a feeling there is something strange going on. I also get mild chickenpox when I have pneumonia. How weird is that???
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    When infections are active, when you are actually sick, viruses and bacteria show up in blood tests. The antibodies in the blood will tell them and they can identify which strain it is. It is when the initial infection goes stealth in the body that routine tests no longer find them. Then, PCR DNA tests are needed to identify them. It's much better if you can determine what is causing the problem early on and get appropriate treatment. An infectious disease specialist should be able to help you if you doc isn't knowledgeable about this.

    If your infection has gone stealth, you may have to do some research and print out articles to convince the docs that you need these tests.

    Love, Mikie