Virus causes cfs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimelia, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Kimelia

    Kimelia New Member

    I just read a post that said that cfs has been found to be caused by a virus.. IS this true? Is there now testing out there for this virus if this is the case? ANything else of interest in this research?

    I'm gonna go search the site for more info on this, anything you guys might have to add would be appreciated!

    Thanks and Be Blessed.
  2. twister425

    twister425 New Member

    this is the virus that may or is im not sure to cfs.
  3. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    There may be more than one specific virus causing CFS. If you do a search under FFC you will see a lot of people diagnosed with FM/CFS had underlying causes such as viruses and bacteria.

    I was diagnosed from the FFC with FM/CFS and after having extensive blood work done (23 vials or so) they found I have lyme disease and 3 viruses, EBV, CMV and Chlamydia-Pneumonia.

    Others have found similar viruses as the underlying cause of this syndrome.

    Most doctors (unless you can find that will work with you) will not check for underlying causes of CFS/FM. My previous doctor told me there was nothing that could be done for either one! Well, I've since found out there is.

    I am now being treated for lyme disease (which causes me to be extremely tired) and my 3 viruses. Finally, after years of searching, I have found doctors who are willing to get to the underlying cause of these syndromes.

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Certainly, viruses, and other infections, can trigger our illnesses, but no one know whether they are "the cuase." Most of us test pos. for 1-7 chronic infections but they may be infections of opportunity in a population which has impaired immunity.

    Regardless of whether infections cause our illnesses, it is vital to address them if we are to achieve any healing.

    Love, Mikie
  5. tansy

    tansy New Member

    rather than being confirmed as the cause atm. In the UK there is an emphasis on enterviruses, so some here think the CD4/CD8 results in gene expression research confirms these. In the US the FFCs and others doctors are finding multiple infections, many of which are not viral. This implicates a dysfunctional immune system.

    Recent research has highlighted a deficiency within our natural killer cells; which would help explain why we have problems with infections and the deregulation of the IS many of us experience.

    A changed gene expression related to organo phoshates, which is similar to that found in Gulf War illnesses, has also been identified in the same research project.

    Some PWME/CFIDS say chemical exposure triggered their illness; in others high levels of heavy metals, including mercury, have been found. This means in many cases toxins are as significant, or even more so, as chronic/stealth infections.

    Tansy[This Message was Edited on 11/27/2005]
  6. elsa

    elsa New Member

    We don't know yet what causes CFS or fibromyalgia. Viruses are certainly an intregal part if the illness, but they haven't been proven yet as to being the culprit.

    I count myself lucky in only having one to deal with .... EBV. I think that is a pretty common reactivated virus in us. I'm not certain, but Tansy and/or Mikie would probably have a clearer idea on the actual percentages of PWCFS and EBV.

    Treating for the pathogens is time consuming, but necessary. I feel alot better after addressing mine.

    Take care,

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Claim that between 60 and 70 percent of us have one or more chronic infections. In "healthy individuals," it's between 3 and 6 percent. Those 3 to 6 percent may live without symptoms or later go on to develop them. We may all have been in that category at one point.

    So many of us have really developed our illnesses following stress, trauma, and exposure to toxins that I suspect a more basic problem in our bodies which fails to keep us healthy when exposed to these things and infections.

    That so many of these illnesses seem to run in families also points to some genetic influence. There is so little known but more is being learned all the time. Until we discover the cause and cure, about all we can do is treat the symptoms and address the infections.

    Those of us who have improved have fought our illnesses on as many fronts as necessary to achieve any level of improvement. For most of us, it has been slow going. Still, there has been improvement and I believe that is encouraging.

    Love, Mikie
  8. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    New Clues to CFS 07/16/04 11:43 PM

    New Clues on Chronic Fatigue

    Researchers in France have found a probable cause for
    two painful; conditions
    that have long puzzled medical science.
    They discovered traces of a virus in skeletal
    muscles of people with chronic
    fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia-but none in
    healthy volunteers.
    The virus, known as entero-virus, also turned up in
    people with inflammatory
    muscle diseases, says Fatima Douche Aourik of the
    medical school at the
    University Hospital Center in Saint-Etienne.
    The researchers believe a persistent infection
    caused by the virus may
    explain these conditions, according to their report
    in Vol. 71, Issue 4 of the
    Journal of Medical Virology.
    I read this in AARP newsletter a couple of months ago.
    Has anyone heard anything further on this?
    It gives me hope.............Susan

  9. bjbm657

    bjbm657 New Member

    I have been diagnosed with Lyme, Myco Plasma Clamidia and Epstien Barr Virus. I am currently seeing a lyme doctor who has been treating me for a year (Doxy and Biaxin). I have been sick for 7 years. However, I am getting worse by the day. I feel as though my days may be numbered. I believe that these viruses have gotten into my lungs, because the weather has a dramatic affect on my symptoms. When it gets cold or rainy, I start to have lung problems. I can't even laugh because the "jolting" of my lungs stirs up whatever is going on inside. I have a dry cough, I am very weak and I break out into a sweat whenever I exert myself. Is there any treatment for this? The doctor put me on Veltrex for the Epstein Barr, but it no longer seems to be working. I have recently become very pain strickened. I can no longer even go for a walk. I am too weak to even set at the computer to research things out. If there is anyone out there with information on where I can get help, please let me know. I am from Pennsylvania.
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  10. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Thanks for posting your source. Enteroviruses have been implicated for decades. Prof Mowbray in the 80s thought the Elisa test for coxsackie B6 would turn out to be the basis upon which a Dx of ME (CFIDS) could be made, but there were too many negatives. Over the years tissue samples would turn up showing viral particles, but it made little impact at the time.

    What is becoming increasingly obvious is that ME/CFIDS can involve different infections and many of them are not viruses. As Mikie pointed multiple infections have been identified in individual patients. This means enteroviruses may not be the cause in some cases, or if it is, just part of the soup. Some symptoms of ME/CFS are related to raised cytokines, so are a result of immune activation, not just the pathogens involved.

    Toxins can be an issue as well; this might explain why Tx aimed purely at pathogens and the immune system fail to bring about a resolution of synmptoms. John Howard's interpretation of results from his test demonstrating abnormalities in the kreb's cycle, is this can be due to toxins.

    Hopefully Jonathan Kerr's research in the UK will provide more clues regarding the role of viruses in ME/CFIDS, this would help indentify the most likely suspects.

    love, Tansy
  11. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    Have you been to Lymenet dot org? They may be able to help you with your problems. Most people over there have had lyme for years and are VERY knowledgeable in answering questions.

  12. tansy

    tansy New Member

    you need a protocol aimed at the CPn, there are overlaps with lyme disease protocols, so both can be treated together.

    I recognise the breathing problems and complete lack of strength/energy. Unfortunately I cannot suggest a quick fix, what I can say though is there have been times in the decades I have been in a similar state, and I'm still around. What's more these symtoms have improved significantly in the latter half of this year, but I had a difficult time with die off etc.

    love, Tansy
  13. Dalphia

    Dalphia New Member

    My goodness, you sound like you are in a major herxing, I know I certainly am.........yes this is so difficult and I understand exactly what you are feeling.

    Have you tried something for anxiety like Xanax and something for pain during this bad time??????

    You state you've been sick for 7 years. So how long have you been seeing this Lyme doctor???? And, it would be nice to know how long you've been on the mediations.

    We just have to hang in there and tough this thing out. I've been sick for over 14 years and have just recently found out I have Lymes, Mycoplasamas, Epstein Barr, CMV Bacteria, Babesia. I know I've got a long, long road of struggling ahead of me............anything short term, I think I can take to get good results and not have to live a life of never knowing exactly what was wrong with me with no hopes of recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, you mentioned if anyone knew a good LLlyme doctor in Pennsylvania, if you look on today's post by Victoria (update on UFS Football Player with Lyme Disease) you will see he went from Floriday to Pennsylvania to a Lyme doctor.
    You can get the info. there............hope this helps you.

    God Bless you and I pray your suffering will let up for you and tomorrow will be a brighter day for you and all of us going through this.

  14. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I asked your question on the lyme board and got this response:

    I had most of the symptoms she is describing and I think for me it was Babesia. But even if it's not Babesia sometimes we just need to find the "right" abx combo that will work for each person.
    I hope she finds something that helps.
  15. Kimelia

    Kimelia New Member

    lots of great information. I will have to re-read this later when I have more time. Thanks everyone!!!

    You're all great for taking your limited time and energy to share all of this with me and everyone.

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