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  1. Midgie

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    The other day I reading about people having this virus but dont know what day it was can anyone help me I want to read more about it. thanks
  2. lbconstable

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    Do you remember which virus you were reading about? Many of us have different ones.

    The most commonly tested virus' in CFS/FM are Epstein Barr, Human Herpes-6, Cytomegalovirus. I've also heard of being tested for Parvovirus B19. I'm sure there are others as well.

    I have tested positive for chronic Epstein Barr and Human Herpes-6. Fortunately negative for Cytomegalovirus - which can be tough to get rid of.

    I've also run across statistics that say the average CFS has 7 different infectous agents (bacterial, viral, & fungal).

    Hope this helps, Laurie