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    Hi. I have Fibro and Sjogrens. For about the past 6 months, I have been having brownish "floaters" in both eyes. Sometimes they cover my entire range of site. I went to the Opthamologist...I couldn't get in to see mine, so saw one of his partners. He said not to worry...that they would go away or that I would get used to them and not notice them anymore in about six months. However, they have increased in intensity and density...sometimes very distracting. I have made an appointment with my Opthamologist for next week, but was wondering if anyone else had this issue.
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    Thanks for the info. I will let you know if I find out anything different form my Dr.
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    I too have/had floaters and they are no big deal I'm told, many have them..I find when I blink a lot, they dissipate. They've been floating around in my eyes for over 10 yrs I think....

    Right now, I'm kinda proud of myself as I've not gone to an eye doc in over 5 yrs, nothing is changing and my scripts are as good as they were years ago...I know it's the supps.....

    I take a LOT of supps that addresses eye health and feel they are keeping my old eyes OK....

    Grapeseed Extract for sure for eye health as it's a powerful antioxidant that addresses all circulation.

    Eyebright Herb, Bilberry/Lutein...I'm sure there are more
    but I take all these and, Grape seed for close to 18 yrs.

    So blink a lot and why not think about some of the above supps....The blinking will also help lubricate the eyes...jam
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    Also, do a dr google for: grape seed extract & sjogrens...the list is LONG on what grape seed ex helps....