vision problems,anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. sixtyslady

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    I"ve had this for a few years. when I wake up I see what looks like snow on the t.v. screen.
    it clears up after I'm up for a few minutes, but it seems more.of late.
    just wonder if anyone else has every had this kind of thing.
    my eyes are very sensitive to light.
    Thanks sixtyslady
  2. sixtyslady

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  3. spacee

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    My eyes are very sensitive to light BUT I do live in Florida.

    I had iritis over Christmas and just finished the med last night. I am so hoping it doesn't come back.

    Anyway, I was wondering what your eye doc says about it. I have never heard of anything exactly like that but "visusl problems" have been listed as symtoms.

  4. bluewing

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    triggers something in my brain that makes me wild
    (when driving down the road.) I don't see snow when I wake up, wow, one thing I don't have! Could it be because your eyes are dry? And when did you go to the eye-doctor? Let's get an appointment...I just can't see!
  5. cheilluminata

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    I wake up the same way, worse when my migraine is a 10. I wear glasses - do you? Could be your eyes are changing. I'm extremely sensitive to light as well. I don't think it's a problem with fm just a vision/age thing.
  6. carebelle

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    I have trouble .It also can be a side affect from meds check with your Doctor.
    Bright lights really bother me. Its something in our brain path and sencenory systems. Loud sounds also bother me.
  7. Shalala

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    I get like blobs (for lack of a better description) and have to blink several times and try to adjust. I am extremely light sensitive (even as a child - almost every pic I am in I am squinting). I work under a lot of flourescent lights and they are killing me. I also stare at a computer 40 hours a week under those rotten lights. I am very noise sensitive also and have a hard time following a conversation if there is background noise. I put 40 watt bulbs in the lights at home. My son and Dad always have hissy fits about that. I am sorry ... I cannot handle bright light. Reflection off the snow totally blinds me as do the blue headlights on cars. I sit in the dark as much as I can and use natural lighting as much as possible.
  8. JaciBart

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    Was accompanied by dry eyes, mouth, eyeballs literally hurt & goopy in am, sensitive, turned out to be Sjogren's Syndrome, very important to know if you have this so pls ask your Doc to a referral to a good Opthalmologist and study up on Sjogren's to see if you have other symptoms. Joint pain, no moisture vaginally, causing very painful sex, also contributes to constipation as no moisture in intestines anymore to help things move thru.
    Hope this helps.

  9. sixtyslady

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    I could need to drink more ,so I"ll try that and I"m going to look up this sjogrens syndrome.
    I"ve also been very light sensitive and noise bothers me also.thanks again sixtyslady
  10. pasara

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    scotoptic sensitivity can manifest this way, though i have not heard of it necessarily coming and going. here is a site where someone with this problem shows images similar to what he/she sees. is this what you are experiencing?
  11. puffy1

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    I get blured vision but only right in the center if I am reading something the letters well be clear but right in the middle it well be blured even with my glasses on.

    I also get those little black flaoters a lot lately I have mild macular degeneration but I thought that made your periferal vison blured not the center.

    I have heard other people hear talk about the white spots before but I have never gotten that just the black ones.

  12. JaciBart

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    I have the fuzzy center vision, the black spots, when I turn out the lights to go to bed (from a light room to completely dark) I get flashing lights in my eyes, also seeing colors that are not there, like bif, red, see-thru balloons, usually a group of three or just one & sometimes bright red rectangular bars. All related to my macular problems, FM, and sjogren's. This is all normal for us but I would see an opthalmologist and get it documented, for the sake of following the decline and also for SSDI if you ever decide to do it. Interferes with ability to use a computer for long periods, causes more eye strain, etc, and you cannot count on what you are seeing to actually be accurate.