Vision problems caused by FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjade, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. kjade

    kjade New Member

    In early January, I started to have pain in my left eye. I have bad allergies, and I had been rubbing my eye. I went to the eye Dr and it turns out I had scratched my eye, so the Dr gave me eye drops to help clear it up. Since I was unable to wear contacts at the time, I was wearing my glasses, and since they were old, I couldn't see very well out of them. So I decided it was time to get my new contacts and glasses.

    I went to a different Dr for my exam, and ordered the new glasses/contacts. Just after that I got very sick and was hospitalized with pneumonia. I was bedridden for weeks with the pneumonia, but I am slowly getting better, I guess. But my eye problem just kept getting worse. I was not able to see clearly out of my left eye, so I assumed I just needed new contacts. The Dr gave me contacts for an astigmatism, but they bothered my eye too much. When I finally got my new glasses, I could not see out of them AT ALL! Very blurry...

    So I went back to the eye Dr and when she checked my eyes, she said my left eye was VERY inflamed. She said it was like seeing through wax paper. It was terrible, because I work on a computer at my job, and only being able to see out of one eye was causing headaches and pain. She gave me steroid drops. She said the problem could have been caused by my was like an immune response. Since my body was busy fighting off the virus, it was causing a lot of inflammation, including my eye.

    So I went to see the Dr every week for 6 wks, while continuing to use the eye drops, and rotating between my glasses and contacts. (I hate wearing glasses, and I still cant see that well out of them...although I have had 2 drs tell me that my glasses are very close to my prescription and that I should not be having trouble seeing out of them..)
    Anyway, after 6 wks of going back and forth to the Dr, the left eye finally cleared up, and I am able to wear my contacts again. HOWEVER....the problem I had with my left eye has now moved to my right eye!!!

    I didn't realize it until the other night. DH & I were driving at night, and I told him that I noticed that all of the houses on that road had lighted bells hanging on their houses. I told him "look...they all have lighted bells in their yards and on their houses....I wonder if it means something? Maybe someone in the neighborhood is missing or something?" He was like "WHAT are you talking about??? Those are their house lights!" So I put my hand over my right eye and realized that the "bells" I was seeing were, in fact, their house lights. My blurred vision was making the lights look like bells. Same for the lights on the cars. I became really scared. I thought I might be losing my vision or something.

    So I went to the Dr the next day for my follow-up, and she said the rt eye was now severely inflamed, and the left eye was clear. She looked very puzzled by this, & couldn't really say why this is happening to me. Her only thought was that it is still because of the pneumonia. She did all kinds of other tests, and didn't find anything wrong, or any reason for the inflammation. I didn't mention that I have FM, but I am now thinking that this could be happening because of the FM? I don't know. I have to continue using the steroid drops, and I am hoping my eye clears up soon, so I can finally see again. This is so frustrating, and this has been a VERY difficult 2 months for me.

    Has anyone with FM ever experienced anything like this with their vision? I am terrified that this will never go away, and that I will never be able to wear contacts again.
  2. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I have noticed that my vision has gotten worse over the past few yrs. Part of it is age, and some of it is due to med side effects. When I was on narcotics, my vision would blurr more if I had a day where I took higher doses. You may want to check out your meds (if you're on any) for side effects if you haven't already.

    I also notice that my quality of sleep changes my vision, poor sleep=poor vision. I really need to get an appt to have my eyes checked too. Thanks for posting this, it jogged my memory:)
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I, personally, would not think that this eye problem has anything to do with FM.

    You had this inflammation in one eye and by touching your eyes, the inflammation has just spread to the other eye. It all may have started with your pneumonia.

    If it were me, and I was going to an optometrist (who just prescribes glasses, etc.), I would make an appointment with an ophthalmologist (who is a M.D.for the eyes) who may better diagnose what is going on in your eyes.

    It's too easy to blame everything on FM and if you do, you may be ignoring a medical condition that needs immediate attention.

    Hope you get better soon.
  4. mrlondon

    mrlondon Member

    Perhaps transient amaurosis is your diagnosis. It can occur due to pneumonia.

    - Mark
  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I do take Lyrica, and I can tell that my vision gets blurred after I take it. I also take Vicuprofen, so I guess it is possible my meds make it worse.

    I have been seeing an opthamologist. She has tested me and says there is nothing medically wrong with my eyes; only that they are really inflamed. And that when they are like that it is like I have a film of wax paper over my eye. So even with the correct lenses, I can't see clearly. She also told me that sometimes women in their 30's can develop this type of inflammation with no medical explanation. She said she thought I should be on steroids. But I have tried that before, and I don't want to go through that again.

    I just hope this goes away soon - the Dr did tell me that I am not losing my vision, but this still scares me. Also she said it isn't my allergies because she said if it was, both eyes would be affected at the same time.

    I have never heard of transient amaurosis - I will definitely be googling that.

  6. loto

    loto Member

    I've had problems also. Especially with my left eye.
    At this present time, I have no pain in it, but have been treated for iritis in the past.
    I always have spells of vision bluriness----several times a day. It's very aggravating, to say the least, but I will continue to ignore it unless my vision gets worse (like if my current prescription starts to get worse).

    Hope your problems get better!!!

  7. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I do think there is a link between fibro and eye problems. after all, the eye is a muscle. Nobody in my family has vision problems, and nobody has fibro. I am the only one who has both. And my eye problems started around the time of my fibro diagnosis. I wear progressive lenses eyeglasses (which are for distance, close-up, and reading in one eyeglass) and I paid extra to have them made transitional which makes them turn into sunglasses in bright daylight. I have had cloudy eyes, particularly after a night of poor sleep, as a previous poster had stated, I have also had muscular eye strain, and last fall a condition called angular blepharitis. AB is a condition where the skin tightens around the eye, turns red, crusts in the corners, and the tightness causes less tear production and makes the eye quite red and inflamed. I thought I had pink eye. A round of steroid cream and eye drops helped and I keep drops in the house in case I feel it flaring up. All this since fibro!

    You may indeed have spread something from one eye to the other, but what seperates us from ordinary folk is that for us it always seems to turn into something. At least you were diligent about following through with it.

    Since fibro, I do occasionally experience moments of haziness with my vision, and I do not care to drive at night, especially into areas that I am not familiar with.

    It is scary when you experinece problems with your vision; I can feelmine getting worse every year. It may be time for me to segue to contacts. Did you find that a difficult transition? Just curious!


  8. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Loto...if you happen to read this, what is iritis? It's strange how many things I have read about lately that can go wrong with the eyes. Who knew that there could be so many different conditions with the eye?

    Laura...I thought the same thing about the eye being a muscle. And I do notice that no matter what it is, I always get it worse than anyone else. (whether it be the flu or a cold or even an eye problem like this). It must have something to do with our immune systems, I would think. But why?
    I have always worn contacts. I only use my glasses at night when I watch tv in bed. I can't stand wearing glasses, because it's weird trying to see out of them when you are used to contacts. When I first put them on after I take my contacts out, I feel very off balance or something. Especially whe doing something like walking down stairs. I can "see" out of the corner of my eye with the glasses, and it makes everything seem like it is off kilter or something. I really prefer contacts, but there are days when I can't get them off of my eyes soon enough. Especially recently with this problem.

    I have been using the steroid drops, and the eye finally seems to be getting a little better. It is still a little blurry and the lights still look like bells, but it is not so bad anymore that I get headaches from it, so that is a good thing. I just pray it doesn't come back, and I really hope this isn't going to be a chronic thing, like everything else that is wrong with me lately.

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