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    ALEXISDEE New Member

    I am having problems with my vision..It gets blurry and it seems as if a foggy substance comes between me and the page I'm reading. or at night the oncoming lights seem like they HAVE a halo or starburst around them.I have had a MRI, I have been to a eye doctor and all is well. DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS PROBLEM.
  2. LollieBoo

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    And my MRI is normal as well. My vision will just suddenly blur- sometimes only in one eye or the other, sometimes periphery only, sometimes centrally only... it is awful. Can't help with guidance or advice, but I can tell you that it is not just you!
  3. Bailey-smom

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    I have a very difficult time driving at night because of that problem and I have tried explaining it to my dr but it is hard to explain.

    I too do not know how to fix it - I understand your problem.

    Have a great day!
  4. rigby

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    I get this but mine are called opical migraines I really get anxious when this happens.
  5. ontariogirl

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    I get the blurring and sometimes a brightly coloured zigzag that goes across line of vision. Told optometrist and he just laughed so I guess it's nothing to worry about--just disconcerting.

    I also have floaters and occasionally when I'm trying hard to concentrate on something my eyes will dart off to the side.

    So you are definitley not alone with this problem!!

    Take care, Marlene
  6. jbennett2

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    I have this happen often. I also have floaters, but whoever's doc said not to worry about them is wrong. Last year when I had vitrious detatchment I was told that if they ever worsened to get to an optholomogist ASAP. They can cause a detatched retina. I currently have a blind spot in the corner of that eye.
  7. ellie5320

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    I also have eye problems floaters I thought it was a mosquito darting around me couldn't catch it though ( silly me ) I cannot drive at night when its raining as the light reflect of the road as well as the headlight have long "starbursts" ( goodword for them )I also think the other cars headlights are on high beam, as I live in the country if I do not drive I go no where I do wear glasses and want to keep cleaning them, I thought my eyes needed testing again but the blurry vision comes and goes.Just another hiccup with fms I guess makes it a bit easier knowing I am not the only person with this problem.