Vision Problems

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladybird1, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. ladybird1

    ladybird1 New Member

    Just curious how many of us who have fibro also suffer from vision problems??

    I know I am getting older (55 in a few months) and things happen. But in the past 2 months my vision has gotten really "not good". I already have glaucoma and cataract in both eyes. When on job trip to Canada and a really bad floater broke lose. Opthamologist added steroid drops to my glaucoma drops. The pressure in my eye skyrocketed from the steroids. He took me off steroid drops and added another type of glaucoma drop. Go to see him again next week. if things aren't better he wants to possibly add a 3rd drop to the mix.

    Why can't I have just one? Still have the floater. It's like I'm trying to focus a camera all the time and can't get it right. Bright lights are driving me crazy as is looking at too bright computer screen.

    Sometimes it's best if I just keep my eyes shut!
  2. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi ladybird1,

    I'm sorry to hear about your vision problems.

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I suspect that a lot of people with fibro have vision problems. The kinds of problems you describe are typical of exposure to neurotoxins, and there is a new theory that CFS and Fibro are caused by neurotoxin poisoning.

    You can read more about it at

  3. fibroboom

    fibroboom New Member

    i too have vision problems. its like i am not able to focus well. and as for able to see things far away forget it.

    i have tri-focals as well. this has been going on well, since fibro entered my life 7 yrs ago. it does get worse.

    the people who say fibro is not progressive dont know fibro!

    all my best to you and others with fibro!

  4. ladybird1

    ladybird1 New Member

    Thanks for your replies and support. I will check into the neurotoxins.
  5. Engel

    Engel New Member

    My vision is really bad. I have the same focus issues and I also have floaters that affect me.
  6. Idahojo

    Idahojo New Member

    I was recently diagnosed with FM and am currently trying to learn how to deal with this disease and find the right meds. I have been having trouble with my vision quite a bit lately and thought it was because I had not had my vision tested in 3 years. In fact I have an appt for an eye exam tomorrow. I was wondering if it was related to the FM or not. Now I know it is.

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