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    For those of us who have problems reading smaller print on the puter screen , here's a couple of tricks I just learned that may help.

    If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel :

    Press & hold the "Ctrl" key...(using the scroll wheel)...scroll up to enlarge and scroll down to make smaller...

    If you don't have a mouse with a scroll wheel and are using IE 7:

    Move cursor towards upper right corner of the screen and place on "Page". Left click "Page". Move cursor to "Zoom". Left click on percentage of magnification you desire (i.e. , 150%). 100% is "normal" size.

    Reverse the process with either method to return to "normal" size. Or , it should return to normal if you close the page and come back.

    In hopes this helps......!

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    It works! Thanks for the tip!

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    And for all the people who have Macs and use Safari there is an A button that you can add to your toolbar where you can increase the font or decrease the font.

    Nice to see you, Bill. :)

    Macs are way ahead of Windows... :) All of the OS X operating systems have this option and you just pick what you want on your toolbar. I find it fantastic to have it as it's so easy to use.

    They also have the same thing for their Apple Mail.

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    BTW, I'm using the Apple Mighty Mouse, mouse and it has a scroll button on top. Really neat as a first for Apple, but you need Tiger operating system to use it. It won't work with Panther. For Panther you still need to use Miscrosoft mice or other brands.

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    For the addition ! I'm only familiar with "Foggy" Windows/MS. LOL. [ Must be my eyesight.... :>) ]

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