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    I am having difficulty being in stores with flourescent lighting, I guess that is the common denominator, or maybe it is just big stores in general. I have read about others that have this problem. Now I am noticing that digital displays (like the time on my daughter's clock) are quite blurry and the green arrow was blurry kind of like double vision tonight while driving. Just the green arrow on the stop light, not everything. I am also having jumping peripheral vision at times, especially if digital displays or vertical blinds are beside me. Does anyone else out there have these strange vision issues?
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    Most of the dozens of people with CFIDS/ME I know have many different kinds of vision problems. Some have 2-3 different prescription glasses, used depending on how their eyes are on any given day.

    I find when I am tired, my vision may be blurry or doubled, and fluorescent lighting is a definite mind-blower (literally!). Get me into a grocery store and I cannot remember my own name. I haven't been in one but once in 8 years. Thank goodness, my SO can do the shopping!

    Digital thingies also give me problems, and mark my words, the new digital TV in the U.S. is going to cause havoc with all kinds of people. To me, I can "see" the different 'pixels' dancing all around, and after 2 hours, I'm dead tired and have to sleep! I'll bet not only patients with CFIDS/ME will begin having terrible vision problems within a year of it being mandatory. (BTW, why is only America going all-digital?????)

    Keep your eyes rested as much as possible; while doing reading, TV, etc., look up every 15 min or so and refocus your eyes for a few minutes. It might help...I hope so.


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