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  1. dzlady

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    Hi everyone!

    Been noticing lately, quite a bit, that my vision is clouding. I wear contacts and thought it was because the contacts were dry. So I took them out and wore my glasses for days...and have done this several times. My vision seems to cloud to the point that the television picture is completely gone, all I can see is the frame and if I am talking to a person, all I can make out is an outline shadow. I have to blink several times and sometimes rub my eyes to get things to come back into focus. Its becoming scary to drive and I was just wondering if this was something that I can expect to increase and worsen or is it a fluke? I am already legally blind without my glasses.

  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi Teresa

    It is common to have vision problems with this dd. I get this all the time. days where its like I forgot to put my glasses on! blurry,can't focus,sometimes double.

    If you put eye or vision in search on here many posts will come up. In fact not to long ago it was a topic. It makes it so hard to go to eye doc cuz your vision keeps changing.

  3. TigerLilea

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    Hi Teresa - My left eye blurs quite a bit and I have to blink to clear it again. My eye doc can't find anything wrong with my eye. This has been an issue for about the past five years and I have since learned that this is very common in people with CFS.
  4. AllWXRider

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    I had always had this theory, but finally my opthamologist finally confirmed that sinus pressure can deform the eyeball.
    Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is almost symptomless, extreme fatigue + stuffy sinuses. I have this plus a host of other infections.

    Also, allergies can clog the sinuses too. Try the NielMed Sinus rinse: Baking soda and salt. Totally non-toxic. It works better than a NetiPot as it gets way up into the upper and cheekbone sinuses.

    Ask the opthamologist about having cataracts. Sometimes hard to notice, but can certainly cloud the vision.
  5. ulala

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    Corneas get cloudy so it could be your cornea. One way to tell is to get a bottle of Muro 5% eye drops. The bottles are expensive and are a very concentration of salt. The salt pulls fluid out of the eye. If it works it's only temporary and you will need to see an eye doctor.

    It sounds like you should see one regardless. My eyes also get cloudy and it's my cornea. I've had 5 cornea transplants. Good luck!
  6. dzlady

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    For all your input. After I posted this, I did a search for vision and I found one posted a few months ago. I just had an eye exam exactly 1 year ago this month. I got new glasses as back up and a years worth of contacts (which I still have about 18 pairs left).

    I spoke to an ophthalmologist (sp?) about having a medical eye exam and I thought I was gonna fall outta my chair at the price they quoted me. I cannot afford that. I am going to call my health department tomorrow and see if there is anything that they can do for me.


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