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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    I love my doctor but he can be frustrating also. He attends every conference on FM/CFS there is but he still says there have been no major breakthroughs in FM/CFS and what causes or helps them. I don't have a printer right now so can't take things I find in to him and get tongue tied when he starts telling me things.

    I asked him about the fact that so many are testing positive for various viruses.
    He said that's true BUT that others who also test positive for them do not develop these dd's, so it isn't a set in
    stone connection. He says there has been NO connection made to yeast, though I see many here that test positive and have good results when they treat it. I don't
    think he even believes they exist or if he does that they influence these dd's either. He's open to any sort of physical therapy or emotional therapy but not supplements or antivirals etc.

    He did give me samples this time of the
    Lidocaine patches. I put one on my hip that NEVER stops hurting and this morning I woke up without pain for the first time in that area! I don't feel anything else, no cold, no numbness or anything..just no pain there.

    My husband's pain has been increased a lot in the last two months. He didn't adjust his pain med but added an antidepressant. I know they did NOTHING for my pain but my husband is obviously
    depressed so it couldn't HURT. I don't think my husband thinks it will help tho
    because he was tried on Prozac and there was no change in his pain or depression.
    This one is another SSRI. I think he needs his meds adjusted too, some days he
    cries from the pain..and he was NEVER a
    crying man!

    I'm going to ask my PCP about testing for the various viruses and see what HIS opinion is. I don't see HOW the viruses COULDN'T contribute or even cause some of the FM.
  2. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    I find one that will help me. I don't put up with it. I guess the reason I say that is - I was suffering from major depression. I had lost 3 generations on one side of my family in 1 year and I knew I was depressed. I did not want to be around people, I did not want to go to work, I did not want to do anything yet my PCP said I did not need to be on anything for depression.

    I did not agree & went somewhere else where I could get help. We know our own bodies and why pay someone to help you if they are not helping?

    Just my opinion:)

    Hope you feel better!

  3. sami

    sami New Member

    i agree with is hard to find a doc that really knows it all, because there is noneyou have to at least find someone who listens and rheumy and internist together are ok...they try what i research and ask them about!!!
    for my pain the only and i do mean only thing that helps is methadone...on a regular basis not prn....and i also use the lido patches, they are great when they are on, but know the rest......
  4. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    back able to sleep well, doing chores I couldn't do, getting out of the house which I couldn't do and keeping my pain levels at a very tolerable level unless I'm flaring, then if I call he ok's more of the breakthrough
    med. I'm just curious about so many who are trying the antivirals and other things. I don't hear many who are magnificently better, a few, but then noone has been getting these treatments very long.

    While I hate to add or change anything as I went through the mill on meds and everything from Chiros to
    tree bark and back before I got good
    pain control..haven't had to adjust my pain medication since 2003 and that's saying something!

    I did ad on my own, against my PCP and the pain specialists desires (not their permission but they didn't say "Don't you DARE! and they know I do it); Flaxseed Oil, Fish Oil, B-complex, OLE, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, Gelatin for nails, and a multi vitamin plus thing at a time. I stopped anything that gave me side effects apparent as I went. I added these over the last three or four years one at a time.

    Even the PHARMACIST shook his head when I bought the last supply of these things and said "You don't NEED those!". I felt like I was disobeying God when I paid for them anyway. The blood person who took my blood last time said "You have too much blood, you should be donating". I told her FMers can't. Even when I was pg they told me "NO!" to a multivitamin, but I took it anyway. I don't think I look like the picture girl for health
    calendars or anything, so why they are so against me taking this relatively mild things I don't get.

    I read several sites today again on FM that said they have NO real basis
    for believing that these viruses, or
    Candida or whatever have anything to do with FM. Then I come here and everyone is being tested for this and that and the other thing and taking
    antivirals and various other things. It is TOO confusing.

    My main gripe right now with this specialist is that I don't think he's treating my husband's pain aggressively enough. I wrote him a note describing what my husband is doing and what "I" am going through daily with a man who is in severe pain and depressed on top of it. It's no picnic when you have your own chronic list of things. But I want my husband to be "comfortable", not pain free, it's not something I even asked for myself, just so you can function
    and not want to find a rope somewhere.

    I guess I'll have to let my husband decide what to do for himself, either stand up and tell it like it is..he tends to make it sounds SO much less than it really is for him...or just accept that this is going to be the way he feels. I don't have a world of
    confidence in SSRI's because they didn't help me much and I had severely bad reactions to several. But, maybe it WILL work for him if they find the right one?

    The doc says mine is superficial pain where he believes my husband's (Diabetic and severe genetic back problems plus Arthritis and bone spurs) is deeper in his body. He thinks his pain is more due to the Arthritis in his back and hands and
    wrists and thus the exrays for the
    wrists. But we just got on Cigna from
    his work and they won't pay for the exrays until we pay a $500 deductible. They do copay on the dr and meds but won't exray.

    I'm sorry this is long, it's just that I am so frustrated. I hoped that
    the trip in yesterday would result in my husband coming home with better pain control..adjustment of his meds and got the SSRI instead. Maybe the dr is right and if his depression is
    lifted his pain will be less. I just hate that "it's in your head" thing even if it's probably some true.

    I was hospitalized with depression when my dad died and Prozac probably did help me some. TIME though was the
    real help. I get mixed up with all that because they can't "prove" there is such a thing as a chemical embalance and they don't know "why"
    antidepressants work for sure..but they keep giving them. I guess I just
    want my husband to go back to being the well one, the strong one, the
    dependable one and he can't right now. I guess too that's just selfish but it gets real hard having noone to
    give that soft place to fall any more. Geeze, now I sound depressed and I'm NOT! Thanks for listening anyway..and I will think about what you all said!

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