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    Hi everyone~ I typed this all out once and lost it so this will be more brief.

    P.A.'s hubby is rhumatologist - she gave me some pointers about things he's finding successful.

    1. Many of his patients (here in MI) are deficient in vitamin D. Correcting this helps their pain. She is checking this along with other things in my blood work.

    2. Suggests The Paleo Diet regimen. It's a book, and the bottom line is to eliminate pasta, bread and most dairy from the diet. Organic plain yogurt and eggs are OK. She asked that I just try it for two weeks to see how I felt.

    3. Along with the above, each meal should include with the protein three servings of veggies and fruits.

    4. Eliminate processed foods.

    5. Knows of no cure for CFS/FM but is willing to read and help me try things. :>)

    6. Said that I quit Celexa way too fast (one month) even though it was a tiny dose. She said to try again only much more slowly, if I wanted to eliminate the drug. She agrees that, if we supplement serotonin, the body stops making it. Hopefully it will begin again.

    Those are the highlights of the 45 minutes she spent with me. Oh, she also recommended reading Eat Right 4 Your Type which I have. She said that it seems very "faddish" but that, when we get right down to it, our health is dictated primarily by our genes. This goes along with the CDC comments so I felt that she knows what she is about.

    If this shows up in long form, I think you can ignore it. ;p

    Meanwhile, stay tuned. I've ordered the book on amazon and will begin tomorrow to eliminate things. How do I eliminate peanut butter and Drumsticks??!? Just kidding She said ice cream can be added back to the diet as a treat later on.



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