Visited a Lyme site.......depressed

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by bunnyfluff, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. bunnyfluff

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    I visited a Lyme site that i do not usually go to, and I was a little bit upset by many posts indicating that once the individual stopped Abx treatment, the sx returned. Many ppl had lost everything during the course of treatment, which spanned decades.

    I was under the impression that I could beat it into submission/ to speak. And get my higher functioning back.

    Is it inevidable at this point in the illness (a decade, now) that this will not end peacefully? that the war will rage on?

    I want to know that people beat this insidious thing. That life will go on, and get back to a somewhat "normal" point. Does this happen? Or am I doomed??

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    But read the success stories. They ARE more numerous than the failures. Which still doesn't erase the possibility it may be very difficult to beat unfortunately... which is why many go on to try alternatives.

    As an example:
    There is an article in the library here about CF/FM by a woman who has lyme but had problems taking abx, only did 6 weeks of it, and found that the best investment for her was a hyperbaric oxygen tank (refurbished). I think it was about $10K? But overall it was a good investment - for her - as she found doing daily 'dives' in it allowed her to continue working and leading a pretty normal life.

    It's not the only thing she did, but she felt it is the main thing that helps her. Even tho it is obviously only keeping it 'under control'. (When it had to be repaired after several years, the lyme returned with a vengeance within a month. But after re-treating for a while, she was back to feeling nearly normal.)

    Others have found answers with other alternative treatments and combinations thereof... there are people doing those that are here too.

    Knowing one has had long-term lyme seems to be the tip of the iceberg in most cases. The odds are you will be able to, but nothing's 100% guaranteed... I think it comes down to your own genetic strengths and weaknesses plus what other infections you might have in combination and if they get treated too.

    This is why having a good doctor and perseverance is all important to get the best possible results ultimately...

    all the best,

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  3. bunnyfluff

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    I am trying to stay upbeat, but it is very hard some days. I have been in treatment for a year, and it seems that although I have made strides, I am not anywhere near pain-free, etc. My LLMD is one of the best in the country.....which I guess is why he will not give me a prognosis.

    I just honestly thought that it would be easier to get control over......control freak that I am!

    I do know a woman that is in remission, but she is very diligent in the way she eats, etc. I still can't seem to give up sugar....... *sigh*
    I do not think she was sick as long as me.

    I am really trying to stay upbeat, but I will tell you, it is very hard
  4. mollystwin

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    Hi bunny,

    I know what you mean. I ordered PJ Langfords books in an effort to read some success stories, but only got very depressed!! Had to put the book down!

    I believe those of us who are very motivated and will do what it takes will recover!! There are success stories out there!! Diet, rest and compliance is the key to getting better.

    My doctor is already talking about goint off abx and I'm scared!! I think I will take the herbals for a while after abx and then get a rife machine to do once in a while to keep those buggers in remission.


    take care,
  5. tansy

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    so it's not all bad news.

    I remember my rash and acute onset in 1983 so I know the borrelia's been round a long time. I was mindful that ABx could help but that sx might return. That knowledge, combined with problems coping with die off from samento etc, led me to tackling it all another way.

    Now I am on herbs recommended by Stephen Buhner and taking it all very gently. Combined with other protocols others use for ME and CFS this seems to have worked well for me.

    When I feel progress is slow I just have to look back at how things used to be.

    tc, tansy

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