visited new research center in reno!!

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    I attended the conference in monticetto, where dr. daniel peterson spoke about the new research center to be built in reno, nv. annette whittemore who is supporting the building of this center was also there. you can google and find out more. I was in reno recently. and my son lives just below the job site which is on the unr campus. I decided to try and get a job there. I am an operator who specializes in dirt work, pipe etc. they had just broke ground that day!!! I waited for the owners of the company to come back into town so I could meet them personally. but I never got that far. they see a girl coming and are wary. but I have 24 yrs experience. I have not given up thou. I could bring a lot of attention to this job thru my union for one. an operator working on a job site that has the disease would be great pr. especially since I cannot get them to pay for hardly any of my treatment. I plan to write them a letter. plus annette whittemore also. since she is funding the project. I'm sure she would love the attention that I could bring the project. it is going to be a huge facility. and promises to bring help to us all!!
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    Very encouraging yes, but more for the next generation. Afterall doesn't it suggest that in building this new facility, a cure is a long way off; afterall why would they go to all that expense if those in the know believed that a cure was less than a few years away.
    Heartening and upsetting at the same time.

    Kind regards Mark
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    I am so excited about this! I live 90 miles from Reno, but we go to all our DR. appts., dentist, shopping and just about everything else... I have always hoped there would be a place we could go for help.... I am so excited.... This is wonderful news!
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    Thanks for the report, and good luck on that job!

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    not that I am ready to go back to work, but I have no choice. my disability is ending. whether you are better or not. I get easily exhausted and stressed out. but what can you do. you know how hard it is to get sympathy from people who do not understand how hard it is for us to function properly. unless you have it , then you don't understand. I'm sure everyone will agree.
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    One would delusional to think that a cure is a few years off.

    I would be ecstatic if research could pinpoint the causal mechanism of this illness within a few years.

    Jerry Lewis has been raising FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR for the last ten years for muscular dystrophy and they do not have a cure in sight.

    What is the ME/CFS budget? 4-5 mil/yr?

    I say this not to be a fatalist, but to drive home the point that EVERY member of this forum needs to be a member of one of the national organizations (e.g. the CFIDS Organization) so we can speak as one to lobby for more funding. It was the CAA that caught the CDC stealing $12 million allotted for CFS research and diverting it to other projects.

    I only learned recently how pitiful the numbers are. The fact that only 1-2% of the patient community supports an advocacy group caused one prominent doctor to lament that we are like cattle, walking complicity in to the slaughterhouse.

    They way that the medical community has ignored us, you would think that we would have banded together like the mafia (you take on one of us, you take on all).

    I know money is tight for us with our reduced capacity to work. Still, if you have $35 to your name, you should think about joining one of these groups before buying another bottle of vitamins. This is a real disease, and something sold at GNC is not going to cure us any more than it will cure a cancer patient.

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    it was $35 and i did it online. my mother and sister are members and i am too now.