Visiting a Physiatrist today

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  1. MemoryLane

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    Hello Dear People,

    I have been away for a long time, so greetings to the new folks as well as the seasoned members.

    I should add this to my list of abbreviations, but in case you do not know what a physiatrist is, they are specialist physicians who are also called rehabilitation physicians. They are nerve, muscle, and bone experts who treat injuries or illnesses that affect how we move.

    A dear friend who is an RN, recommended this kind of doctor to me. I was so excited and hopeful that I called his office immediately for an appointment. I will let you all know how my visit went later today.

    Soft Hugs and love to All,


  2. Mikie

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    One of my best specialists was a physiatrist and he helped me more than anyone until I met my present doc who did the peptide injections. The physiatrist kept having people come in with the same pattern of symptoms and he became an expert in FMS and CFIDS/ME through his own self-education. I will always be grateful to him. I hope you get wonderful results. Let us know.

    Love, Mikie
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    Every time I read your posts I want to move close to you so I could go to your doctors. I am not finding anyone to do anything for me and I don't know anyone who has found any kind of even semi permanent help where I live. We all just kind of maintain I think but I have gotten much worse in the last year.

  4. Mikie

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    Just for all of us. I write my prayers down and put them in a small birdhouse out in the tree by our balcony. There are angel wings on it and it reads, "God Answers Prayers." We've had so many prayers answered from that box. I pray everyone finds good docs to help them. We all deserve the best medicine available. I have been very lucky but it seems that I just get one thing fixed and another pops up; it's like Whack a Mole :) Fri., I'm getting an MRI and will likely have to have rotator cuff surgery.

    Each time I get a treatment, I think that when it works, I'll feel well and be able to do more things. Then, even when the treatments work, something else knocks me back down. Still, I keep the faith, use good docs and try to live a grateful life. I'm trying harder to live in the moment instead of counting on tomorrow. Whine, whine, whine.

    My best to all of you to find wellness and great docs.

    Love, Mikie
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    Any kind of shoulder injury and/or surgery takes forever to heal. When I had the tendon repair on my other arm, healing was 6 mos. to a year. I had to have PT to regain my strength. This surgery is a 3-6 mo. recovery and loss of any mobility for weeks. I've gone through this once with a tendon repair so guess I'll make it through it again. I'm in too much pain not to take a chance to fix it. My doc is the best and I have confidence in him. I see returning vets who are missing limbs and I just give a prayer of thanks that I still have mine and a prayer for all of them.

    Thanks for the website. I'll check it out.

    Love, Mikie