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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PVLady, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Hi, I am in Cabo San Lucas and noticed in the pharmacy you can purchase most medications without a prescription. I bought Soma. There was antibiotics, anti depressants, pain meds, cortisone, just everything.

    I guess people doctor themselves, or they just don't need prescriptions. I know they see doctors... I am wondering it it is legal to purchase these medications and take them back to the US? Anyone know?
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    Thanks for the great information, I will check the website. I take Ambien and found it is about $60 cheaper here. I did not negotiate on the Soma but it was a good price. I am here on business since Saturday and leaving tomorrow. We are at Fiesta Americana Grand which is on the Sea of Cortez and just beautiful.

    My husband was here 15-20 years ago and this is hiis first time back, He says it is totally different. It is all built up, tons of condos and vacation residences. Very nice freeways and gated communities. Even a Costco and Sams Club. We went to a large mall today with stores including Faconable, Hugo Boss, Coach, etc. I even had Hagan Daz ice cream.

    It was a little overcast but today was bright and sunny - about 80-85 degrees and nice breeze. The pools are fabulous. The only drag is getting through the airport. One of the people in our group had a very scary experience with the cab driver. On the way to the hotel he took him through the poorest part of the town (instead of the freeway). he asked him if he would stop and have a beer with him - Paul said no thanks - then he noticed the driver was speeding almost 90 mph and another cab came along and they were driving side by side exchanging papers while driving - the driver was also pretty drunk. You just have to be careful.

    In the shopping mall they did not seem to be bargaining at all. I looked at a purse in the Coach store that seemed like Los Angeles prices. I am not buying anything these days so it didn't matter.

    Thanks again

    They offer you 3 options in the airport for a cab. For $80 one way,you will have a fast,safe trip. If you opt for the $55.or less trip, it won't be fun. They also try to sell you time shares and pester you to attend meetings about time shares for free cab rides and more.

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