Visiting new grandson

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    My wife and I will be going to Mich to see our new grandson. He was born the 19th.Its a 400 mile trip from where we live in Pa. Have been in a lot of pain lately,with infection from sinus,allergies.I think my wife will be driving a lot.Were thinking about staying overnight halfway.Its just too much for me.I'm here everyday,don't post often,but will miss my FM CfS friends. You all keep up your search for a cure with healthy debate. See you all in a couple weeks------Terry

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    Enjoy you'r Precious Grand Baby & congrats,
    I live in yo OH, My daughter is do July 30,th. She & her Husband live in watertown N,Y,, He is in the ARMY, She was also but got out (Amen),Anyway having Baby Shower this sun,
    Can't wait to See my Grand Baby saposto be a Girl?
    anyway, Iv been doing (Great no flare up's for 3 mth's
    Well entill yesterday that is,, You know how we can't stay calm when we fill Good, Well ,I pushed& Pushed now I'm down , I'll say a pray for you & your's,, say one for me !( Any fast remadee's ,LOL
    GOD Bless .Drive safe , Anyway I wanted to say It's a 8 yr drive I'll be taking once the baby come's ,and as much as possable ,sence they may be reasinged else wear in 3 yr's