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    My hubby complains of objects flying at his nose and past his face from off the page while he is reading. He seems to be able to last about 15 mins or so until it begins. He says it's a physical sensation that feels like daggers are about to hit his nose. When he covers his nose area, it seems to abate. He noticed that his mom always covers her nose when she reads and so assumes she has the same visual disturbance, although he hasn't asked her yet.
    Does anyone know what causes this?
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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors here, and I'm not a fan of letting things go to see what happens. Eyes are way too important. So your first step is probably a good opthamologist to run a full examination and testing of your eyes.

    If that doctor cannot figure it out, the next person to try might be a neurologist. When I got migraines one time, my eyes felt like they were rolling in my head and I had no balance--it was neurological from the migraines at that point and was called something like Nygstamus.