visual problems with cfids

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    HI anyone ...For the past 13 years,I have had to have my eye glasses changed 11 times. Asked the doctor if cfids had anything to do with it and he said "no, thats psycological" No point in continuing that conversation. He did lasser surgery on one eye and said it was a last resort. It's no better so I guess it didn't work. So I can't see out of that eye. Thought maybe someone else has h
    ad similiar problem and could offer some advice. Thanks!
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    I'm afraid I can't offer advice, but (a) I've read in some article on CFIDS that in some CFIDSers eyesight changes back and forth, not uncommon, and (b) when I'm less well I need glasses to read, when I'm better, I don't. I also have other visual problems, e.g. often I can't read for more than 10 minutes or so without getting a head and eye-ache.

    Hopefully someone else has some advice for you.
    (You could also ask your doctor on what research he based his view that "that's psychological" ...)

    best wishes,
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    I change my script all the time, too. I always thought
    my eyes would stabalize and can't believe that
    they are always getting worse!

    Here's some info I posted last week:

    FMS EYE article 05/21/03 05:34 PM

    What Your Eye Doctor Should Know by
    Devin Starlanyl
    This information may be freely copied and distributed only if unaltered, with complete original content including: © Devin Starlanyl, 1995-1999.
    What Everyone on Your Health Care Team Should Know.î
    Some people with fibromyalgia (FMS) canít go anywhere unless they wear dark glasses, due to extreme light sensitivity. Some are bothered only by fluorescent lighting. Some get a seizure-like effect when confronted by a pattern of light and dark, such as the shadows made by trees along a road. There is often a problem driving at night, due to the lights of the oncoming cars. Beta-carotene seems to help this somewhat. There is a study indicating eye motility dysfunction in FMS (Rosenhall, Johannson and Orndahl 1996).
    Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses
    People with FMS often have sicca syndrome. This means that all the mucous membranes feel dry. Coupled with the FMS sensitivity to and amplification of pain, this causes difficulty with contact lenses. The dryness, irritation, sensitivity, and the allergies often prove too much to handle. Yet the weight of glasses can aggravate trigger points (TrPs) in the head and neck area. After a regimen of eye exercises and medication (especially guaifenesin), some people with FMS/MPS Complex have been able to wear contact lenses for the first time.
    Facial TrPs
    Cutaneous facial TrPs can cause pain in the ears, eyes, nose, and teeth. These TrPs are shallow, and can occur in many places on the face. Try some pressure-point work on the face. If the TrPs are there, they will let you know. It is fairly common in fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) for deposits to form in the corners of the eyes.
    Clear Vision
    In order for vision to be clear, both eyes must take the same picture at the same time. When this doesnít happen, double vision, blurry vision, and/or changing vision can result. Misalignment of the eyes can be caused by TrPs interfering with the muscles that hold the eyeballs in place. Trigger points can be responsible for contracting these muscles at different tensions. Muscle fatigue would make things worse.
    Eye Exercises
    Tell your patient to do this:
    To check the inner eye muscles, stretch them. Put one hand on your head, above your forehead. Then try to look at that hand. This shouldnít hurt. If it does hurt, itís the TrPs in your muscles telling you they are there. With your eyes still looking upward at your hand, look from one upper corner of your eye to the other. If this hurts, the TrPs are there, and thatís at least part of what is causing your eye problem. The eye exercises stretch out eye muscle TrPs.
    Once your patient does this simple eye exercise regularly, the mysterious changing vision problem usually disappears. Splenius cervices TrPs can also cause blurring of near vision. This will also cause pain in the side of head to the eye on the same side, and in the eye orbit. It is also helpful to discuss your patientís reading habits. Incorrect lighting can give rise to trigger points (Travell and Simons 1983, 208).
    Floaters are common in FMS, and may accompany the overgrowth or dysregulation of connective tissue growth, which I have observed to be common in FMS.
    Jumpy Pages
    Orbicularis oculi TrPs will refer pain to the nose, cheek, above the eye, and cause ìjumpy pagesî when reading. Tell your patient to try putting clear plastic over the page to decrease print contrast. Acupressure around the eye will help.
    Asymmetry is a common perpetrator of TrPs. Check to see if your patientís ears are misaligned. Ensure that glasses fit well.
    Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) Trigger Points
    Sternocleidomastoid TrPs can cause dizziness, imbalance, swollen gland feeling, runny nose, maxillary sinus congestion, ìtensionî headaches, eye problems (tearing, ptosis, blurred or double vision, inability to raise the upper lid, and a dimming of perceived light intensity), spatial disorientation, postural dizziness, vertigo, sudden falls while bending, staggering walk, impaired sleep, nerve impingement, and disturbed weight perception. People with SCM TrPs often have trouble glancing downward without falling forward. They can become so disoriented that there is nausea and vomiting. Chronic dry cough, pain deep in the ear canal, pain to the throat and back of the tongue and to a small round area at the tip of the chin can be part of the SCM TrP package. Localized sweating and vasoconstriction can be a problem, as well as pain in a ìskull capî area of the head. What SCM TrPs donít cause is a pain in the neck, although they figuratively become one due to their wide-ranging symptoms. They may cause neck soreness, however.
    These symptoms can include a feeling of continued movement in a car after stopping, and the feeling of tilted ìbankingî as the car turns corners. Some patterns of stripes, checks, and small print can cause dizziness if SCM TrPs are present.
    Ask your patient if s/he bumps into doorjambs, walls, and other stationary objects, and knocks things over often. FMS/MPS patients go tripping through life, cleaning up one mess after another. We learn to keep our sense of humor and a good supply of absorbent paper towels. The combination of SCM TrPs and extrinsic eye muscle TrPs seem to be chiefly responsible for visual perception problems. Reassure your patient that this is a mechanical problem that can be overcome. This knowledge alone may bring a great deal of relief.
    Rosenhall, U., G. Johannson and G. Orndahl. 1996. Otoneurologic and audiologic findings in fibromyalgia. Scand J Rehabil Med 28(4):225ñ232.
    Simons, D. G., J. G. Travell and L. S. Simons.1998. Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Volume 1, edition II: The Upper Body. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins
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    I have both CFIDS and FMS and probably CMP. I just had to get a new rx for my glasses. In a year and a half the astigmatism had doubled in both eyes.

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    and script has changed once. Also now seem to be very sensitive to bright overhead lights and sunlight. Best of luck. Tulip
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    Thanks to everyone that replied to my post. My energy is very low now hince one message. I will try the eye exercises and attempt another conversation with the doctor Tuesday. Lol to all, Mary
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    I'm so mad I could spit. The nerve of doctors to say it's psychological!!!!! Thank God I have my doctor. He doesn't know alot about CFS or FMS, but he's studying up on it now. No way does he think it's all in my head. He's seen me so bad physically and he's very understanding. I'd love to tell that guy off or maybe wish it on him. Sorry for spouting off so much, but I've felt so bad the past week and I can hardly stand it. Wish I could help you with your problem. I do know that my eyes get blurry alot and the light really bothers me.