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    I was reading a post by jlh Digging Deep For Healing. It talked about visualization "leaving you feeling peaceful and capable of calmly handling any challenging circumstances that arise." WOW!

    I attended a course called Self Esteem for women one time and the instructor did visualizations with us. I really enjoyed most of them. She would tell us to close our eyes and visualize a barrier around us where no one could touch us with negative thoughts. This one was my favorite.

    When I got home and tried to do it on my own I just felt silly. Does anyone here do meditation or visualization to help deal with their anxiety and stress?

    hugs Redwillow

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    for Redwillow

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    I love using visualization to help me relax and possibly meditate.
    I'm still finding the 'letting go of all thoughts' very hard to do. which is nessasary to get that deep meditation

    But I do try and I figure anythings gotta help some.
    It does feel good after and I feel calm.

    I have a couple good books that show techniques.
    I'll look on my bookcase and let ya know the author.
    I don't do it everyday~ tho I should

    Nice meeting you~
    (i'll get back on later :)
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    Thank you Tandy that would be wonderful!

    I love to read!

    I would also love to hear about any CD's that people find helpful too.

    hugs Redwillow
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    After looking thru my books I thought I'd mention a few of my favorites.
    Creative Visualization written by Shakti Gawain.
    another good author on the subject is Remaz Sasson.

    A great small easy read book that comes with a CD for beginning meditation is by Dr. Wayne Dyer.....
    called Getting In The Gap.
    I sometimes listen to that when I get into bed.
    Its very relaxing and I think one of the best ones I've come across.(I think you'll like it)

    The 1st book I mention above is also very good.
    and gives easy visual exersizes you can do.

    There is most likely a ton of info on google too.

    Another really good book is Called The power of your Subconcious mind.
    Let me know if your able to find any of these.

    I also like the power of crystals.
    ok,.. I gotta stop myself. LOL
    you have enough homework! :)

    Hope this helps~

  6. Redwillow

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    Thank you Tandy for the reminder.

    Someone loaned me Creative Visualization for a week. It really wasn't long enough to absorb all the information but I did type out a few of my favorite ones. When you said that name I found them in on my computer! Duh! I think I should get a copy of that book.

    I have read a little bit of Wayne Dyer's. I didn't know he had a CD.

    As for crystals I don't know anything about them but would love to learn. So please don't stop on my account!

    hugs Redwillow[This Message was Edited on 10/19/2006]
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  8. Mikie

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    I've used it for years and found it most helpful.

    One simple visualization is to picture a fluffy white feather sitting on the palm of your hand. Mentally place all your stresses and worries on the feather and let the wind carry it away, leaving you free from care.

    Another is to think back to a very carefree and happy time in your past, perhaps in childhood. Close your eyes and return to that time. Try to remember all the physical objects and environment and place yourself in the picture. Remember how it smelled and sounded. Recreate the feelings of security and peace.

    Something else I have found most creative and helpful is to write a fairy tale dealing with whatever you are facing and how you, as the heroine, come out victorious. If it's your illness, personify it as a dragon, ogre, or some other creature. Arm youself with a sword, a faithful knight, a steed, or wizard and create a story around that. Be sure that you live happily ever after.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Redwillow

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    Wow Mikie I loved your visualizations!

    I love all the things you suggested. Visiting a wonderful childhood experience or writing your own fairytale with you as the hero!

    Thank for this.

    I am going to print this off and give it some thought!

    hugs Redwillow
  10. Mikie

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    Can be very useful because we have no constraints. We can create our own story and make it a happy one. Our brains do not know the difference between a real happy event and one which we create in our minds. The benefits to our bodies, minds, and spirits are the same so why not choose to be happy.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Redwillow

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    "Our brains do not know the difference between a real happy event and one which we create in our minds."

    Thank you Mikie I like the thought of that. I really appreciate your responses here as I wasn't sure how well this thread would be accepted.

    hugs Redwillow
  12. Mikie

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    When I first came here six years ago, there were some who were not ready for New Age or alternative ways of healing or thinkking. I took a little flack now and then for my posts. Since then, more of us have "come out of the closet" and our ideas for healing the spirit and mind, along with the body, are better accepted.

    Remember that doctor, John Somethingorother, who was on PBS and did a series on the inner child? He used a lot of visualization, especially in his advanced series and book. Now, many therapists are using it as a very handy tool which can bring some pretty fast results in reducing anxiety and stress.

    During my painful divorce, I was depressed and sick with the flu one night. I woke up and decided that I couldn't keep going like I had been; it was making me sick, literally. I lay back and let my mind take me on a journey. I suddenly saw, in my mind's eye, that I had a big sack I had to carry and that I had to walk to the seashore. Every time I saw a rock with the word, "hurt" or, "anger" on it, I had to pick it up and put it in the sack. Needless to say, the sack was getting so heavy I could hardly carry it.

    I wondered why I was being directed to the seashore. Then, I saw a small boat on the sand. I loaded the heavy sack into the boat and pushed the boat out to sea, letting the tide carry it away from me. I felt light and free from hurt and anger for the first time since the whole divorce thing started. I don't know where the visualization came from but I used it every time I felt hurt or anger weighing me down.

    We are really creative people and if we put our minds to it, we can use our creativity to help us heal. I'm glad you like the ideas. I hope they help.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Redwillow

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    Thanks Mikie:

    for sharing that lovely visualization. I am sorry that you had to go through a painful divorce. The mind is an amazing thing and who knows where this thought came from. Your mind came up with a perfect way for you to let your burdens go.

    Maybe next time you could leave the rocks on the shore and sail away in the boat?

    hugs Redwillow

  14. pw7575

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    I have done some relaxation techniques at times and I find them helpful. I think if I could really start doing them on a regular basis that it could be very helpful. I do find it hard sometimes to get my mind to shut up but I hear that in time you get better with it. I think I would like to get some CDs or something to aid me in the begining.

    I started doing some of it after reading this amazing book which I highly recommend. It is called Extraordinary Healing: The Amazing Power of Your Body's Secret Healing System by Art Brownstein. I really liked this book. Very informative and uplifting. Makes you think you can take on the world.

  15. Redwillow

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    Hi Pam

    Thanks for the recommendation the book that you enjoyed. I have added it to my list of books to read.

    I have troubles getting my mind to shut up too when I try to do visualizations. I would love a tape to listen to. It would be nice to be able to listen to it before buying as it has to be the right voice so you can relax.

    hugs Redwillow